Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Not gay enough....wait...what?

So i had a little bit of trouble with an idea for what to do on the blog, think i am slightly blog blocked Oo

I asked for inspiration, first reply i got was from a person that i will not name but he suggested that i might not be gay enough to have a "gay themed" blog... what the hell is gay enough? Guess i just found my new inspiration for my blog, what is gay enough?

I did some extensive research on the subject over the last 5 min, well ok i didn't i ask a good friend, google :)

Seems like there is 20 known gay stereotypes according to google and they are:
1. Gay men always want to be the centre of the attention.
2. Gay men have oral fixation.
So having clean teeth is wrong?!
3. Gay men roll like girls.
Look at my room, sure my mom would strongly disagree
4. Gay men are mom's boy.
only if she cooks my favourite food
5. Gay men think sports are boring.
That is a lie, just some sports is boring...the rest just makes me tired
6. Gay men are obsessed with fashion.
Again...wrong, ima t-shirt and shorts + takkies kinda guy
7. Gay men love to dance.
If dancing looks like you are getting tasered, then yes i love it!
8. Gay men love fisting ass.
mom......he said ass!
9. Gay men are incompetent running machinery.
Bullshit, i can fix just about anything, except my monster printer! he hates me!
10. Gay men families are the last to know.
Well that might be true
11. Gay men are clean.
Aren't everyone?
12. Gay men lack strong male models.
Don't think you get strong models, they are too skinny and hungry to pick up anything heavy.
13. Gay men always have a trust girl-pal by side.
is that like a fag hag?
14. Gay men have ??? wrist.(you can help me on this one)
gay men have....strong wrists?
15. Gay men are catty.
Its spelled bitchy!
16. Gay men are drama queens.
there is that Q word again....MOM!
17. Gay men pepper their lives with Pop culture references.
Yeah sure, my walls are covered with Barbara and bieber posters
18. Gay men are into watersport.
Just love swimming and jet ski!
19. Gay men value education.
So should every person out there!
20. Gay are whinny bitches.
Only when the wine is finished!

Why do we assume that if someone says oh hi i am gay that he will be dressed in a boa and have Barbara Streisand blasting on his ipod. Here i was thinking that being gay meant that i am a boy that likes other boys. I was soooo wrong, apparently that doesn't make me gay enough. I am not sure what is gay enough but i am willing to look at it from what people might think it is.

Lets be honest, if you hear the word gay what is the image in your head, and i am not picking on a specific group here btw! If we hear the word gay we see a skinny guy dressed in a very weird outfit, boa around the neck and feathers coming out of weird places, high heals, prada handbag, a very squeaky voice and the teapot stance. basically exactly like the guys we met in Priscilla queen of the dessert. This could not be further from the truth, most gay men you will have no clue, they don't wear neon pink t-shirts that say i suck cock and wear cut op jeans that barely cover the soft bits, they dress like everyone else.

Movies and the media associated that image with being gay and that's how most straight people see us. If i look at that list above then i am not what i am supposed to be, take fashion for an example, i have no fashion sense, i like wearing t-shirts, shorts and my sneakers, its comfy so i am probably the last person on this planet to look to for advice on what to wear. Gay men are seen as incompetent when it comes to technology and machinery, that is total bullshit, even when it comes to me i know how to fix basic problems on a car, fix a computer or even build one from the ground up, i am also a good cook, go figure lol

When it comes to music, as a gay man i am supposed to love Cher and Barbara Streisand, i love Cher and her music but when it comes to barbs...not so much, i would rather listen to house, trance or anything with a damn good beat for that matter. If you watch glee you would have seen gay stereotyping at its best, yep you guessed it, KURT :)

Now, I love Kurt, despite the fact that I tend to be really critical of him (it’s all out of love, I assure you). And I can relate to a lot of things he goes through.
HOWEVER, the idea of the effeminate gay male is probably the oldest gay stereotype in existence. Kurt shares a lot of similarities with this stereotype, so it’s not particularly off base accuse him of pandering to it. I don’t think Kurt was written with the express purpose of filling that stereotype at all. But I do think that the writers wanted to make him quirky and different from the other male characters on the show and the easiest way to do that was to give him characteristics that the others did not have; namely, they made him more feminine.
I don’t think it fair to void Kurt as a character because he is effeminate but you can’t really argue that he isn’t somewhat stereotypical because of it.

This might come as a shock to some people, but not all gay men are feminine, not all gay men is addicted to sex, and not all gay men wear tight fitting clothing. We come in all forms and shapes, and most of the time you might be having a meeting or lunch with one and not even know it, we dont wear just pink or rainbow design shirts, we dont wear a sign that says oh look at me i am gay, nost gay men look and act just like every other guy out there, we watch sports, we go to movies we have normal lives. 

After looking at all the fact i have come to the conclusion that i am probably not "gay enough"
and i love it, if you read my post about labels, Labels, who needs them?  you would know why i love it, i hate being labelled and if that makes me not gay enough then so be it. I am me, for me, and i am happy the way i am :)

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