Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bring it bitch!

Insomniacs do not need or get allot of sleep, which means the time we get to actually sleep we do not want to be disturbed. Went to bed at around 3 this morning, just as i fell asleep this damn bird started pecking at the window. For 30 min i tried to ignore it, eventually he drove me close to insanity, i reached down and threw my shoe at the bird, missing every single open window and breaking the only one that was not opened...sigh

That just set the mood for the rest of the day, let me put it like this, i need my sleep and the one thing that i need even more than sleep is my COFFEE! With less than 3 hours sleep, a broken window and a head that feels like the Capetown pride just marched over it i got up ready to face the day. Only it didn't happen as planned because eskom fucked up my day...again, no power means no coffee....not a great start to my day.

This morning is also the day that i started to believe in miracles because right as i was in the middle of my swearing at eskom moment (didn't even know i knew that many swear words!) the power came back on...YAY COFFEE! one cup later and i am still not a happy morning person, mainly because i will never be a morning person and one cup of coffee is not going to change that....EVER!

First thing on my list for the day is read the news of the day, and by read the news of the day i mean log into face book and see who did what. Again my day went from kinda OK to crap in less than 4 seconds...face book is down...why does bad things always happen to good people?

Took me 10 minutes to remember the addy for the real news...tried em all, ER24, but that's an emergency thingy so not that, BINGO! NEWS24, as the page loaded a smile creeped over my face, what is this wonderful feeling i am experiencing, more people should feel this! The first thing i saw was that Gareth Cliff got arrested for speeding!...YES FINALLY! a night in jail just might deflate that ego...

But sadly even that feeling didn't last is i read the article and eventually saw that he only spend a few min behind bars so back to a crap day it is then!

The next few hours went from bad to worse, the copier ate my work...twice, the application i use for my emails decided out of all the days in this year it will pick today as a good day to die...right in the middle of a very important email i  was sending...AND i ran out of smokes!

Its about 20 minutes to mid day now and all i am praying for is for this day to end, because if anything else goes wrong today i might just have to kill someone to feel better! I just want to go to bed, sleep(came prepared today...sleeping pills ready!) and try again tomorrow. But even with a crap day like this i am still making jokes, at other peoples expense, but hey humor is humor! Bring it bitch, i am ready for the rest of this day!


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