Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Steve Walker - Artistic Genius...

Some time ago i came across an image hidden inside a folder filled with graphics, textures and various images collected from a million sites. It was a painting of a man crying, nothing special in any definition, yet it draw my attention.

For days i stared at it, not knowing who painted it or what the story was behind this image in front of me that triggered that much emotion in me. There was just something about this image that drew me to it, made me feel the emotion connected with it and made me very emotional!

There was no name, no description, just the filename that windows created when i saved the file. It haunted me, i caught myself thinking about this image for days. It was pure luck that i came across the full image and i will post that a bit later in this post. I love art, anything remotely connected with art is a passion of mine. Photography, drawings, paintings.

It took me some time to discover that the artist is called Steve Walker (Right), a gay man from Toronto Canada.
Knowing who he was now, triggered a search for anything he ever made, and i was amazed and saddened at the same time. He i have just discovered probably one of the best artists that i will ever see and then i find out he recently died and not much was ever said about him.

He had this talent to not only capture the male form perfectly but he could also capture emotion and erotica with out having to rely on cheap pornography to get the viewer interested.
The Portraits speak for them selves so i am now going to shut up and share some of this remarkable mans work...

Walker once wrote: "I hope that in its silence, the body of my work has given a voice to my life, the lives of others, and in doing so, the dignity of all people."


Walker lived for years in a modest apartment at Wellesley and Jarvis St. in Toronto Ontario.
Steve is survived by his mother and father, Gloria and Gilbert Walker (Greely, Ontario), his brother Kevin Walker (Kingston, Ontario) and sister Marjorie Walker, Estate Trustee (Pembroke, Ontario). He is predeceased by his brother Bruce Walker.

Read more about Steve and his work @ http://stevewalkerartist.com/

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