Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Best day ever!

On any given day you would hear someone say hey did you know that today is this day or that day, women's day, fathers day, national baked bean bath day etc, trust me there are a few very weird ones out there. Most of them i barely take notice, just another day. But this one caught my attention, Steak and Blowjob Day which is tomorrow being March 14th 2012.

Firstly i want to say FUCK YEAH! now whoever thought of that should be made king of some very big place and given anything he or she desires! secondly i want to say FUCK! why didn't i think of that!

Most people will right about now go, eeeeew, steak!
but hey, mankind didn't evolve to be the dominant species so i could eat veggies! i love steak! on the braai, grilled even raw if i have to, steak is a mans food, its heaven on a plate! If i die from cholesterol because i ate steak, then at least i will die a happy man!

Most men will be going woooohooooo a bj!
Most women will be going eeeew! Don't be pulling that face now, its not that bad, imagine it as being a lollipop or ice cream. Use this day as a learning curve if you are scared that you suck...pun intended :)

Combining steak and a bj in my mind is pure genius! Best idea ever, its the two things men love, and having them on the same day....PURE GENIUS!

I found out about this thanks to a tweet, it simply said Apparently it's steak and blowjob day tomorrow?!?!
i went to the website and its actually very funny and very real!

Welcome to Steak and Blowjob Day. Simple, self explanatory, and effective: March 14th.
Men work very hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine's Day, and, given their ebullient dedication, Steak & BJ Day is a joyous opportunity to repay the favour. Want to sponsor Steak & blowjob day on March 14th? press@officialsteakandblowjobday.com
 It covers everything, from how to cook the perfect steak to how to give the perfect bj lol, your one stop steak and bj day stop.

Personally as a man, i love it, all i need to do now is find the perfect steak and a boyfriend before tomorrow :(
Hopefully one day soon this will be made an international public holiday, i will personally put in a prayer that this grows to a proper holiday!

To read more about it CLICK HERE :) who know you might actually learn something!


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