Friday, 2 March 2012

Gay Away!

Been reading and noticing allot of articles lately regarding the so called "gay cure" most read like some weird fantasy novel but hey that's just my opinion.
Who am i to say that the writer wasn't being sincere or on crack, i am no expert but i have a finely tuned bullshit detector.

Being gay is apparently a disease especially if you believe a word written by those nut jobs, who knows maybe i got it by eating an infected fruit :)

"The gay" is not a disease, its not a sickness, its not a choice, no one wakes up one morning going "hey i think i will be gay from now on, have my family hate me, have the world hate me and live with depression most of my life because i am choosing a life that might very well go down that road, but hey fuck it, its worth it"

Its simple, you are born gay and you don't become gay by sharing a cup or utensils. In all honesty if it was a virus it could be used to make some straight people clean their houses from time to time.

You can not become gay from:
  • Eating with utensils used by gay people...but you will have clean cutlery once you washed them
  • Sharing a cup or glass, that doesn't turn you gay, at best it means you are thirsty and or to lazy to go fetch your own
  • Kissing a gay person, all that could happen is you could learn how to really kiss someone :)
  • Listening to Barbra Streisand.
  • Listening to a gay person talk.
  • Watching a movie with guys kissing... keep watching you might learn something.
  • Listening to Will Young or Adam Lambert
  • Watching glee since there is so many gay people in there God forbid that the television might infect you
  • Being around gay people, at best you will learn to dress better.
  • And last but not less important YOU CANNOT CURE GAY!
In a few of the reports the "experts" claim that they  have met and have spoken to cured or it didn't happen!
I have news for you, they were either bisexual now or back in the closet, so your`e cure had no effect idiots.

When it comes to hetero people whenever something comes along that they cant control or handle its easier to blame a sickness for it. Have you ever sat down in a quiet place and thought about what it means to be gay? On a website i often visit there was this image about a university in i think it was Tanzania that said "graduate with A's not with Aids" wish i thought was a well done moment, that was until i saw the most retarded comment ever, it was from a guy in the united states, i am not picking on the USA now, it could have been from any other country for that matter. He commented that straight people should not worry about aids because gay people had a virus which made them the only ones that could get aids... not only made that me very angry it also became clear that he was so miss informed that he actually believed that he couldn't get infected because he did not have the gay virus

Wake up people, this is not the more fabulous version of the walking gays or the gay apocalypse, there is no cure mainly because there is nothing wrong with us, we are not sick. Sick is a person that is looking for a cure for someone that God created and loves, sick is a person that thinks that because he or she is hetero that automatically gives them more rights than the gay guy down the street. Sick is the hetero couple that abuse their baby or toddler.

Leave us alone and find a cure for the disease that is homophobia!

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