Thursday, 15 March 2012

The letter

I saw you today, staring out the window,
Looking out over the world in all its glory,
You smiled as the wind played with the leaves,
You felt sorry for the people outside,
Battling through the cold and the deep snow

I heard you cry last night,
I know the pain you carry,
Never give up, don’t let them change you,
You are perfect just the way you are,
Stand up, protect yourself and fight

I was there when you came out to your mother,
Don’t worry about her, she will stop crying.
I saw the hurt in your eyes,
Don’t worry about him either,
What he said just proves that he is a bad father.

You really hate that you are gay,
I can see you try and be something else,
Something you are not.
It`s not your fault,
You were born this way.

Today walked up to your door,
A letter in my hand,
A collection of words written down on paper,
Meant to make you understand,
I didn’t knock; instead I slid it under the door.

I am watching you open my letter,
My message of hope to you,
I saw a smile as you read the only line on the page,
It simply says,
It does get better.

Written by
Mutant Gnome - Thursday, 15 March 2012

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