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Well i am a normal guy from South Africa that happens to like men, i am not ashamed of who i am and i dont believe in labels at all. I will not force my choices in life down someones throat because i see myself as different, because i am not, i am just like anyone else, i eat, i sleep, i do whatever is needed.

I have my good days and i have my bad days.

For some time now i have been thinking about what i can do for the gay community, male and female in this country, eventually i decided to do a blog, if i can get one person to accept who they are and think before they do something that could destroy so many lives then it is all worth it.

I believe that laughter and humor is all alround us, all we have to do is open our eyes and see it, i find humor in everything i do and see, even a serious subject can be seen on a lighter note, not everything have to be doom and gloom.

Due to events in my life this blog is as much a salvation for me as i hope it would be for someone else, i have suffered from depression for a few years now, and humor drags me out of the bad days, makes me look life in the eyes and face it like a man.

I will never go sit in a corner and just give up, life is worth fighting for, there is so many things to experience and giving up will mean i would miss out on it.

I hope whoever reads or browse through my blog will find just one thing that made them laugh or re-think what they believe.


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