Friday, 13 December 2013

My top 10 music videos for 2013.

Well we have come to that part of the year where pictures of snow and cats in christmas hats fills our timelines on every social media outlet, also top ten lists pop up everywhere. Since i am basically a sheep in a human body it would be wrong of me not to do one myself, so here goes!.

This is my top ten videos for 2013!

1) Drake Jensen - Scars
"Scars" From Drake Jensen's second studio album, OUTlaw. Visit
Drake Jensen is a Canadian Country artist, originally from Cape Breton NS.

2) Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)
Video created by Steve Kardynal

3) Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Chatroulette Version) 
 by Steve Kardynal 


4) A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something 

5) Blurred Bynes by DWV (Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox) 

6) J Pee - I'M NOT GAY

7) Clouds by Zach Sobiech

8) One Direction - Story of My Life

9) Avicii - Hey Brother 

10) Katy Perry - Roar 

I do know this is not in everyones taste but that is what makes this world of ours so exciting! 
Hope you enjoyed my top 10 pics for this post, feel free to make a post and let me know what you would have picked?


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