Sunday, 22 April 2012

I am GLBTI...

It is not often that a website comes along that i see as a very important tool for the GLBTI community, IAMGAY.CO.ZA is one of those websites!

When i started this blog the first post i ever made was the Get help tab where the a gay or any person for that matter can get help, needless to say it took me more than a day to find all the relevant info because it was posted all over the net, now finally we have a page that contains every thing you could ever need to help you or anyone else that needs help or just need to find answers.

Click the image to visit this great website!

This is the ONE page that every gay person or parent with a gay child must bookmark guys, if you ever need help please ask, there are people out there that dedicate their lives to help you deal with all the issues that may come up.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

The mystery that is Us…


The past month or so was for the lack of a better word interesting.

Not only did I discover something that I enjoy tremendously but I am also very good at it. I started doing amateur Dj mixes and I think I fell in love with it. But not all things good came across my way, The very thing that made me so happy, aka the mixing of beats and music that I like also drove some friends away. I got unfriended and blocked by another Dj friend and the only reason I can think of is because I started doing the mixing thing. We try and surround ourselves with people, friends and family that will support and encourage us to do the best to our abilities but sometimes the people we choose is not what they seem.

Technology allows us to keep in contact even if there is a whole ocean or a continent between us, that said we add people on social sites and our phones just so we cant have a chat to them every now and then. But what to do if you have hundreds of friends and no one is available to just say hello or I am well how are you?

Why are we so self centered that we ignore and deliberately hurt other people because for the most part we lack in good up bringing? Can we even go that far and blame the parents for the lack of respect and manners displayed by their children? The answer is easy…NO, if we cant have the decency to reply to a message, return a call or take just one second to say hello then we cant blame anyone else but ourselves.  By nature we are caring and supportive people, we are rude and arrogant by choice.

Life is speeding past us at a frightening speed and yet we let small things get to us, we ignore attempts or calls for help from people near us. Gone is the days where we were happy for someone and what they did or got now all we care about is getting a more expensive or bigger whatever the other one got. We became hermits in our own little fucked up idea of a world and we will crush anyone that is deemed a threat or that will stand in our way of becoming the best. We have a bad experience with one person and we immediately treat everyone like shit, we push friends and family away just because we don’t care what we do or say as long as we get all the credit and we don’t have to share.

Take the time to notice people around you guys, support them, give credit where its due, jealousy is a cancer that will destroy numerous lives in a heartbeat, someone say hello or how are you at least have the decency to reply and let them know that you are doing well, there is a reason why they took the time to ask about your well being.

I am done with my sermon for today, not exactly a ranting post as I intended when I sat down but hey, some things are put across better in a well thought out way than with anger and hate.



Monday, 16 April 2012

Dj UltraBear

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Top 50 queer anthems:

I am doing a small survey for a new mix I am working on and I need your help, what I want from you is your top 5 Queer Anthems, just post the numbers of the 5 songs that you would say is your favorite 5 anthems. Would appreciate any help I can get on this! Eventually I would use the results to pick the top 22 for the album.

1.  ABBA,  “Dancing Queen“
2.  Village People, “YMCA“
3.  Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive“
4.  The Weathergirls, “It’s Raining Men“
5.  Kylie Minogue, “Your Disco Needs You“
6.   Pet Shop Boys, “Go West“
7.  Kylie Minogue, “Better The Devil You Know“
8.  Olivia Netwon-John “Xanadu“
9.  Madonna, “Vogue“
10. Alicia Bridges, “I Love The Nightlife“
11. Gloria Gaynor, “I Am What I Am“
12. Cher, “Believe“
13. Diana Ross, “I’m Coming Out“
14. Bronski Beat, “Smalltown Boy“
15. Judy Garland, “Over The Rainbow“
16. Village People, “Macho Man“
17. Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “Relax“
18. Village People, “In the Navy“
19. Coming Out Crew, “Free, Gay and Happy”
20. Dolly Parton, “9 to 5“
21. Queen “I Want To Break Free”
22. Sister Sledge “We Are Family”
23. Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”
24. Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer “No More Tears”
25. Barry Manilow “Copacabana”
26. Tim Curry “Sweet Transvestite”
27. Charlene “I’ve Never Been To Me”
28. Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
29. Madonna “Express Yourself”
30. CeCe Peniston “Finally”
31. Heather Small “Proud”
32. Sylvester “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real”
33. Peter Allen “I Go To Rio”    
34. Belinda Carlisle “Summer Rain”
35. Dannii Minogue “This Is It”
36. Donna Summer “I Feel Love”
37. George Michael “Outside”
38. Kym Mazelle “Young Hearts Run Free”
39. Paul Lekakis “Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room)“
40. Wham “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”
41. Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman”
42. Culture Club “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”
43. KD Lang “Constant Craving”
44. RuPaul “Supermodel (You Better Work)”
45. Cher “Strong Enough”
46. Deborah Harry “I Want That Man”
47. Diana Ross “Chain Reaction”
48. Pet Shop Boys “New York City Boy”
49. Dead or Alive “You Spin Me (Like A Record)”
50. Elton John and George Michael “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Gay, Proud & Safe…

Untitled-1When it comes to men and hormones I don’t have to tell anyone that there is no way to control them or switch it off, we are warm blooded individuals that for the most part are being controlled by an organ a lot smaller than what most of us will admit. As a gay man when I see something that I like my body reacts to it, most of the time I am aware of it because of the blood rushing to my penis, which in its self is always out of my control, and always at the wrong places at the wrong times.

Lets face it, as men we get an erection faster than any can can go from 0 – 60, not that there is anything wrong with it, after all it shows that we are healthy and virile, it also serves as the means to let us know that we are attracted to who or whatever caused the arousal. Erections is something most of us take care of at very regular intervals, masturbation, we have all done it, show me a man that says he doesn’t do it and I will show you a liar. As men we don’t require many toys at a young age, after all we get born with the best toy imaginable, a penis!

But even chocking the chicken on a daily basis will not stop us from our most basic need, to have sex. Its enjoyable and its an act that very few if any man will say no to, if we can get our rocks off then we are happy and the people around us is safe.

When it comes to sex with another guy, there is always a risk, we are not born with a sense that will tell us when there is danger when it comes to sex with any man or woman for that matter, people lie about their health, some because they are ashamed and some because they are assholes.

Since the eighties, after the first cases of AIDS, Safe Sex has become “the” word within the Gay Community, so i don’t think I can add much to this discussion. However I wanted to make some points.Safe-Sex-Story

1) Always practice Safe Sex especially with people you just happen to meet. Safe sex is not about trusting people or not, but it’s about playing a sort of russian roulette game. You may be lucky. Or you may not. Why take the risk? 

2) Get informed. Your local GLBT association, your governmental health agencies, internet etc. are all sources of viable information about AIDS (but not only, there are many many other sexual transmittable diseases you have to think about). 

3) Understand what are Risky Behaviors. There are so many myths related to safe gay sex. Scientists agree about risky behaviors, and you should follow their advice. Don’t just listen to the friends-of-friend voice. Try to find evidences of what is risky and what is not. For example, many think that oral sex is not a risky activity. Wrong! Precum may contain both the AIDS virus as well as other diseases. And true, your saliva may act as a defense, but only if you have a fully healthy mouth. How many times does it happen that your gums are bleeding just after washing your teeth, or that you bite your tongue? These are all cases that increase a lot your risk!

4) Use the condom. There are practically no other ways to have safe sex except maybe for complete abstinence. So use them. If you have problems if wearing normal condoms (the one you find at a supermarket)a s for specialized advise. There are condoms for all shapes and sizes.

5) Go to the doctor! Seek immediate medical assistance if something went wrong. A broken condom, a sudden bleeding, anything you feel not normal. Don’t be shy or ashamed to ask!

See? The rules to follow are not that many.

But what about monogamous relationships? Well in my opinion one of the best things of being in a relationship is exactly the possibility to be safe together and share full intimacy (which may include bareback sex). The only important thing is: do not rush. Wait that your relationship gets along over time. Do your AIDS testing together. Talk about any previous experience you may have had (not from a sexual point of view, but relating to diseases or “problems”), including any disease you may have had. Talk with your doctor if needed.

When you both feel ready, than its time to get to your full intimacy, but only if you both want it and you both feel it.

Then, make sure you protect this intimate treasure. If you happen to have sex with other partners, you should abide even more strictly to the rules above. And if you for example have a threesome or take part in an orgy, use the condom also with your own partner, just to avoid any misunderstanding.

gay-sex-tested-hiv-condomSome Questions

What about bareback sex if I am already HIV+? Well, if you are HIV+ this does not mean you’re authorized to just not care anymore. And I’m not referring to the possibility of infecting HIV- people, but also to those that look only for other HIV+ people so they can bareback. This is also wrong, because you can anyway spread other viruses or diseases, and this can be even more dangerous for an HIV+ person.

So why are you displaying bareback pictures on your site? Well, porn its all about fantasy and we know that barebacking is a fantasy for many of us. Plus I tried to use pictures that illustrative of certain positions, which in some case I happen to find only bareback. The fact that the porn industry has gone mainly bareback is a bit out of my area of control. In any case, I invite you to always perform sex safely!

I don’t care. I love barebacking. Well, I know it’s part of men’s freedom of choice to commit suicide if you want. But remember, the freedom of one person stops in the exact moment it hurts the freedom of another. So, if you’re having bareback sex with another person, and you’re both fully aware of all the risks involved, this is a situation. It’s totally different if you’re having sex with somebody without sharing the risk of doing bareback sex, using excuses such as “it’s my first time”, “I’ve never done bareback before”, maybe exploiting a first-timer lust etc. These behaviors are really intolerable, and have nothing to do with being a man.

So where’s the fun? I hate condoms. Well the fun lies in the possibility of creating something special with somebody, and experimenting with him sex with creativity. If instead you prefer having multiple partners, you accept the condom to be part of your “fun”. And sometime it doesn’t take much to make sure this becomes part of the fun. Ever tried asking your partner to put the condom on you? or using a flavored condom for the oral sex?. 

For South Africans if you are unsure or need some advice please have a read on my GET HELP page.

For international visitors, you can get help HERE

Keep safe guys and educate yourself and the people you care about, don’t take risks and don’t hurt someone because you don’t know your status, get tested!



Monday, 9 April 2012

Mr. Gay World 2012 Results


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – from the twenty-two gay men representing their respective countries in the 4th annual Mr. Gay World competition held in Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on Sunday, April 8th, Andreas (Andy) Derleth of New Zealand was elected Mr. Gay World 2012.

Andy will continue to carry on the vision and mission of the organization that seeks to fight the discrimination and stigma faced by the gay community in many countries today. Mr. Gay World empowers and raises the visibility of optimistic gay men in a constructive dialogue with our fellow citizens.

Andreas (Andy) Derleth is an operations project manager of Warehouse Stationery in New Zealand. Originally from Hassfurt, Germany, Andy has a Bachelor degree in business management. He has a passion for travel and sports and participated in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames and is very excited to be going to Antwerp next year for the worldOutgames. Andy is in a long term relationship and on the 11-11-11 he entered in a same-sex civil union in New Zealand.

Other awards presented included:

  • Mr. Gay Swimwear - New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
  • Sports Challenge - New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
  • Best Interview Challenge - New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
  • Mr. Gay Formal wear - Netherlands (Thom Goderie);
  • Mr. Gay Congeniality - Netherlands (Thom Goderie);
  • Mr. Gay People’s Choice Award - Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr)
  • Mr. Gay National Costume - Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr).
  • Mr. Gay Photogenic - Argentina (Gonzalo Enrique Bagalor)
  • Mr. Gay Outreach - Czech Republic (Tomas Fryda)
  • Top Score in the MGW Written Exam - South Africa (Lance Weyer)
  • 2012 Eric Butter Philanthropy Award - Coenie Kukkuk
  • 1st Runner Up: South Africa (Lance Weyer)
  • 2nd Runner Up: France (Remy Frejaville)
  • 3rd Runner Up: USA (Kevin Scott Power)
  • 4th Runner Up: Netherlands (Thom Goderie)


In a spectacular grand finale at The Lyric Theatre, South Africa’s member of the board, Coenie Kukkuk, known for being a gay advocate himself made the customary turnover to Belgium’s worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 producer, Jerko Bozikovic, which will be the next host producer of Mr. Gay World 2013 in Antwerp Belgium (August 1-5, 2013).

The international judging panel consisted of: Briand Bedford-Eichier editor and chief of Spartacus International Gay Guide (Germany), Eric Butter president of Mr. Gay World, Ltd. (Australia), Andrew Creagh editor and chief of DNA Magazine (Australia), Frank Malaba human rights activist and radio producer/host (South Africa), Dr. Pubern Padayachee medical doctor and TV host/actor (India), Remco Teppema co-founder and co-publisher of WINQ and Mate magazines (Netherlands), Terry Tucker registered professional geoscientist and a successful senior executive in the mineral exploration, mining and finance industry (Canada).

Prizes: Being the new Mr. Gay World 2012, he will receive Sterling Silver Mr. Gay World Cup, Mr. Gay World 2012 Sash, Approximate US$25,000 travel allowance to visit the five continents during his term as Mr. Gay World 2012. Club Travel Cape Quarter will provide the title-holder a trip for two from the title-holder’s home country back to South Africa for a one week holiday including round trip economy airfare and hotel. The winner will also receive a one year supply of Bone Wear swimwear and underwear, Custom jewellery from designer Chris Winspear, MichaelGamePlan cosmetics, Spartacus Travel Guide, Clothes from Old Favourite, Tuition for correspondent study from College South Africa, Four-Night stay at the Taj hotel in Cape Town immediately following the Mr. Gay World 2012 Grand Finale, plus a 8 Nights Namibia Highlights Tour - Dunes/Desert & Wildlife - Guided Safari incl. Accommodation and meals sponsored by Namibia JJ Tours, And more...

First Runner Up thru to Fourth Runner Up The top five finalist of Mr. Gay World 2012 will also receive the following prizes: Jewellery from designer Chris Winspear, MichaelGamePlan cosmetics, Spartacus travel guides, clothes from Old Favourite, Tuition for correspondent study course from College South Africa, and more...


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bear with me…

I have been asked on numerous occasions by some of my straight friends why I am called a bear or refer to myself as a bear. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am a typical bear, but I pass as one for various reasons…

I see myself as a bear, and that is also what I find myself attracted to most of the time. I am not saying I don’t find other men attractive, on the contrary, as a gay man I will never overlook other men, but when it comes to more mature “bear” men I will have a second and even third look. I am drawn to masculinity, hairy chest, arms and legs, more mature than your run of the mill man, a real man. Now before you press send on the email and threaten me or criticize me hear me out. If you think of the word “bear” what does that mean? To me it does not mean supper skinny, or clean shaven with no body hair at all, the boy next door is exactly that…a boy and as for twinks and fems, well I am not one to judge so I wont.

A bear to me is mature, slightly older, not skinny and not prissy, a man with some meat on the bones, hair on his chest and body, facial hair is sexy but not a requirement. Most bears are not “fat” as a few people have put it, they are rugged, and in my opinion real men. They are masculine, everyday men. There are many sub cultures in the bear movement and if I can I would like to explain some of them today.

"Bear" is an LGBT slang term that refers to members of a subculture in the homosexual and bisexual male communities and to an emerging subset of LGBT communities with events, codes, and a culture-specific identity.

Some say the term "bear" originated with Richard Bulger, who, along with his then partner Chris Nelson (1960–2006) founded Bear Magazine in 1987. However, there is some contention that the term "bear", along with many of the conventions of the subculture predate Bulger's creation of "Bear Magazine." They argue that "bear" was the product of many individuals working together as well as independently over time. Indeed, George Mazzei wrote an article for The Advocate magazine in 1979 called "Who's Who in the Zoo?", that characterized homosexuals as seven types of animals, including bears.

nvn12vj tw1Bears celebrating the 2007 International Bear Rendezvous, an annual gathering of bears and bear-lovers held in San Francisco

Bears are heavy-set men and are often characterized as having hairy bodies and facial hair; some are also muscular; some project an image of rugged masculinity in their grooming and appearance. Some bears place importance on presenting a hyper masculine image and may shun interaction with, and even disdain, men who exhibit effeminacy. The bear concept can function as an identity, an affiliation, and there is ongoing debate in bear communities about what constitutes a bear, however a consensus exists that inclusion is an important part of the bear community

Bears are almost always gay or bisexual men. Increasingly, transgender or transsexual men (trans men) and those who shun labels for gender and sexuality are also included within bear communities.

Younger or smaller men who identify with bear culture may also be labeled as cubs.

Over the years, bear culture has subdivided itself. Many claim  discrimination has increased within the bear community, as some men who self-identify as "bears" or "muscle bears" do not welcome higher-body fat men (see chub) at their events. A common criticism of the bear community is that some self-described bears tend to exclude men who do not fit their standards of a "real bear". Fat (or lack of it) is a political issue, some of whom see their overweight condition as a form of self-acceptance. Some also note a lack of racial diversity in the bear community, perceiving hirsuteness to be a standard of physical attractiveness that genetically favors white men aesthetically, socially and sexually among bears.

The AIDS devastation in San Francisco accelerated the 4221_1026833885968_1678942480_46750_5448228_ngeneration gap between older and younger bear-identified men, peaking in the early 1990s. Some older survivors claim that the current bear culture has become "shallow and catty," which is also their common criticism of mainstream gay culture. The allegation is that the younger bear community no longer reflects the culture's original function as a social alternative for primarily rural and blue-collar, traditionally masculine gay men. Moreover, the proliferation of bear pageants and their title winners ("sash bears") runs contrary to the early bear community's identification with and admiration for unself-conscious masculinity

Some slang terms relating to the bear community include the following:

  • Cub – a younger (or younger looking) version of a bear, typically but not always with a smaller frame. The term is sometimes used to imply the passive partner in a relationship. Can be hairy or hairless.
  • Otter – A slimmer or less hairy bear regardless of age.
  • Lion – A bear regardless of age with typically long, red or blond hair.

The gay bear culture celebrates secondary sex characteristics such as growth of body hair and facial hair, which is typically considered a "bear trait".

  • Chubby or chub – a large, overweight, or obese man
  • Superchub – a chub who is extremely large
  • Bear – a man with a stocky or heavyset build; typically hairy body and facial hair; sometimes older (or older looking) and displaying a masculine appearance and mannerisms
  • Black Bear (gay slang) – a Black man with a stocky or heavyset build and typically hairy body and face.
  • Brown Bear (gay slang) – a man of Hispanic, South Asian or Middle Eastern origin with a stocky or heavyset build and typically hairy body and face.
  • Panda Bear (gay slang) – a man of East Asian origin with a stocky or heavyset build and typically hairy body and face.
  • Polar Bear (gay slang) – an older man with a stocky or heavyset build; typically hairy body and grey, silver or white facial and body hair
  • Daddy – an older man, sometimes a bear
  • Cub – a younger version of a bear
  • Chaser – a man who is of smaller body size and/or stature who is sexually or romantically attracted to chubs or bears. The term chaser is sometimes used in various communities to describe an outsider who is sexually attracted to people within the community
  • Chub for chub (also referenced as chub4chub, internet shorthand) – a chub who is sexually or emotionally attracted to other chubby men
  • Girth & Mirth – a widespread name for clubs of big men and their admirers
  • Grizzly Adams – a man with a typically hairy body and face who does not self identify as a bear but is attracted to bears.
  • Trapper – a man of smaller stature who is attracted to bears.
  • Big Men's Club – another term used to define clubs and organizations for gay and bisexual men and their male admirers
  • Otter – A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.
  • Naired Bear – A gay man whose body is hairless by shaving, depilation, or other method.

bear(The terms chubby chaser and daddy can also be found in use among heterosexuals, but for the purposes of this gay subculture are listed and defined as above.)

The gay bear community constitutes a specialty niche in the commercial market. It offers T-shirts and other accessories as well as calendars and porn movies and magazines featuring bear icons, e.g., Jack Radcliffe. Catalina Video has a bear-themed line, the "Furry Features Series." Other adult studios who feature bear-type men are Bear Magazine, 100% BEEF Magazine, BearFilms, Bear, Butch Bear, Raging Stallion, and Titan Media.

As the bear community has matured, so has its music and literature, as well as other (non-pornographic) arts, media, and culture. Examples include: Bearapalooza, a traveling bear music festival; Bear Bones Books, an imprint of GLBTQ publisher Lethe Press, which markets fiction and nonfiction titles written by and for bears;, which streams bear and GLBTQA music and bear-themed podcast shows. The larger organized bear runs often host a "bear market" area where artisans, musicians, and others offer items for sale.

As more gay men have identified themselves as bears, more bars, especially leather or western bars, have become bear-friendly. Some bars cater specifically to bear patrons.

Twitter Trap


Twitter fascinates me, not only do people use it to connect to family and friends from all over the world, but they can also share photos and multimedia files at the click of a button from a desktop pc, laptop or a smartphone. This is where a few people would go “yes, but you can do that on Facebook also” ,If you have been on Facebook recently you would have noticed that the place is pretty much dead or close to dead.

Much more people than previously started or went over to twitter recently because of ease of access mainly, personally I find twitter to be much more entertaining than Facebook. It comes at no surprise that most of the gay community prefer twitter to any other social platform simply because they can upload whatever they want and for the most no one would even care, with the exception of one or two narrow minded people and I must add that those who un-follow you is mostly straight and anti-social to start with. Twitter is great for promoting yourself, your website or even your own personal blog, hit by hit twitter pulls in more people than all the other sites combined.

One thing thing that is very accessible on twitter is celebrities, you can follow them with out asking to be friends and lets face it your chances of following the likes of Lady Gaga on her personal Facebook page is slim to no fucking chance, on twitter you simply click the follow button and you are set to see and enjoy every single tweet made by your favorite celeb.

Following anyone on twitter seems to be the international game at the moment, you will often see someone go from 100 followers to a few thousand in a few days largely with the help of #FF and other follow back groups. Even that is not a problem, if you are worried that your timeline will be flooded by thousands of posts, don’t be, you only see the tweets of the people that you actually follow, you might have 18922 followers, but only the 50 or so you follow will appear on your timeline.

Now, as I mentioned previously the gay community really likes twitter, there is no shortage of x-rated pictures, video clips, sex toys etc. on twitter, don’t get a heart attack now, you will only see those if you actually follow the people that feels comfortable to upload the full Monty. Finding these guys are not difficult at all, with a Hash tag (#) you can find basically anything on twitter, from latest trends to hardcore straight or gay porn. Most people warn you that their profiles and uploads is of an adult nature by telling you that they have sensitive material or they will ad a 18+ to their BIO, so no need to complain if you see a picture of a young stud shooting his load, and to do that you actually have to click on “show image” first.

Not every tweet is of a sexual nature, there are thousands of people tweeting the latest news, jokes, local activist events, if its happening someone is tweeting about it, keep up to date with a latest rugby score by simply following your favorite team, the majority or people straight or gay for the most post really funny tweets that will have you in stitches in no time at all.

Twitter is fun, its entertaining and very addictive, tweet where you are, what you are doing and all you would be doing is joining a few million people from all over the world in letting the world know what your day is like, no bitchy comments, no like button, just mindless addictive fun.

I am hooked on twitter, most of my daily activities I share on twitter, Facebook I merely keep for the few friends and family that I want to keep in contact with that have not migrated to twitter yet.

If you are already part of the in crowd and do have a twitter handle, then this might be you…

Twitter, one of the most popular social networks in the world. Are you addicted? Maybe? No? Ask yourself this, “Are you really being honest with yourself?” I think the answer might come as a no. I don’t blame you. Something is really fascinating about viewing 140 character messages rolling up on your screen every minute of the day. Besides there are thousands and thousands of articles sifting through tweets each and every day. Now coming back to the actual question, “Are you addicted?”

7 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter

1. You now think in sentences of 140 characters or less.
2. Whenever a big news item breaks, you can’t wait to log on and see what others are saying about it on Twitter.
3. If something funny/annoying/ unusual happens to you, your first thought is how you’re going to tweet it.
4. You’re considering getting an iPhone – purely “because it’s so much easier to tweet on the move.”
5. You rely on Twitter’s trending topics to tell you what people are talking about.
6. You discover a new comedian/singer /product and immediately log on to see if they have a Twitter page.
7. You scorn any friends/colleagues who aren’t on Twitter….if they’re not on Facebook either, then they’re not worth talking to.

All that is left to say is….welcome to the new world and its run by a small blue bird..tweet tweet tweet.


Mr Gay World 2012 : African Experience (part 2)

(Part 2) The Mr Gay World 2012 event is hard work for everyone involved, contestants and organisers alike needed some time to relax and visit some of the wonders that South Africa had on offer.
From safari to visiting the apartheids museum or a few clubs and bars, there was something for everyone to relax and unwind.

Have a look at these :)


The  2012 competition is taking place in Johannesburg  from April 4th to 10th with an intense four days of events, that includes a photo challenge, sports , fashion show/run way , swim suit challenge, public speaking and a local outreach challenge where MGW is able to work with a local charity to give back to the community in hosting the competition.

Results will be announced at a live show on Easter Sunday at Gold Reef City’s Lyric Theatre.
The Competitors seem to be having a good time in South Africa enjoying all that there is for tourists to do such as a safari adventure,

Mr. South Africa has taken the crown for the past two years. , This is the first year that three other African contestants are competing from countries where homosexuality is criminalized.

South Africa is onbe of the only Countries in the world to have a fully inclusive Constitution that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity