Sunday, 4 March 2012

Love yourself first...

Someone made a post today about how a guy wished he was straight and not gay because of the vanity that some people seems to have in abundance. We all strive to look good, be healthy and live a life that we can be proud of.  I myself decided that 2012 was going to be the year that i will get back in shape and look good, difference is i am doing it for myself, not for a partner not for show. I want to start living healthy for me...

If we have to believe advertising we would all have a chiseled Greek god body with ripped abs and all we have to do is sit on a couch with a belt that vibrates for 30 min. Reality however is not that easy, getting that body is a full time job and full time commitment. But why as a gay men do we all want to look like that? Why cant we be proud of who we are, why strive to be like someone else?

Life set some standards as to what is hot and what is not, gay life set some really messed up standards, correction not gay life we set them for our selves. We cant blame anyone but our selves for that. Whether its wearing designer clothing or driving the most expensive car and living in the biggest house on the block, everyone wants that, truth is getting there is not easy. It takes hard work and bucket loads of dedication.

In society you get many body types, fat, muscled, athletic, skinny etc, but in gay society it seems that there is only two types that is acceptable, Greek god muscled and gay skinny and trust me gay skinny is much worse than the norm. There is nothing wrong with that, but people forget that not everyone can be skinny or look like a Greek god for that matter. There are guys that live a very happy live with being slightly over weigh and even just over weight, you don't see them sitting in a corner crying because they want to look like the guy they just saw in an ad? That said with the right exercise plan and eating correctly and with allot of hard work i guess anyone can eventually have that body that is ripped and muscled, the question is why do you want to change yourself to look like that?

Is it because you realised you need to live a healthier life or is it because you feel ashamed and people treat you like a loser because you look different? People around us today have a distorted outlook on life, if you don't fall into what they see as looking good then you are fat or ugly...that not a healthy outlook, that is called vanity. Just because you don't look like them or dress like them does not mean you are in anyway a lesser person. The key to being happy is looking at yourself through your eyes and being happy with what you see. I know this have been said over and over by probably everyone you have ever met but its true, if you cant love yourself  then how can someone else love you? if you don't like you, you wont allow anyone else to like you either.

Money does not make the world go round, it makes it easier but its not all that life is about. Dressing in the most expensive clothing range does not make you the best person you can be, and wearing clothing that do not have a designer label does not make you less of a human being than anyone else. If you cant afford to live like a Hollywood celebrity then don't go and force yourself to fit in, be yourself and be happy. Live withing your own means not in a bracket that you wish you could be in, being in debts up to your neck will not make you happier.

Undergoing a major change is sometimes a good thing, they say change is as good as a holiday, but ask yourself this question before you start using diet pills or steroids to get that body you want so badly, Why a i doing this, is it for myself, will it improve my life in any way or am i doing it because of something someone said? If you want to change that dramatically for your boyfriend or your friends then don't do it, if they really loved you they would accept you the way you are and not try and change you.

Everything you do in life should matter to only one person - YOU!


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