Sunday, 18 March 2012

When facebook becomes a menu...

I used to love facebook...allot actually, for me it was an easy way to see what friends and relatives got up to, but lately that love is slowly changing into hate. When i logged in i found pleasure in reading what my relatives and friends got up to over the last few days. Since my family and my friends are scattered all over the place its sometimes the only option to get in contact with them and share a quick happy birthday, merry Christmas or stop drinking so much comment.  With the amount of changes facebook made over the last year it became more of a find and seek game when it comes to the people we want to hear from and get updates about their lives.

But Facebook is also in the process of being taken over by sex crazed maniacs. No matter what picture you post or what status update you make, some sleazy fucker will comment and make it about sex. You can post a pic of a friend holding a puppy and you can be 99% sure that the comment "i wonder if he is hung" or "i want to see your penis" will be on that list within a few days.

9 times out of 10 the comment will not come from a cute guy or a well build guy, it will come from some weirdo, morbidly obese or just plain fugly guy that you cant even remember adding to your friends list, that's if you even did add him since you can now comment on a post someone else made it is open to commenting to anyone if the post was made public.

Dealing with comments like that is not that hard, you have the option to delete it, but it wont keep them from just re posting or even worse they will share the picture and it gets taken over by the scum of the gay world.

Worse than having to read through sexual comments is logging into facebook on a Monday and seeing that some one tagged you on a picture of a naked guy, usually having bareback sex with another guy. Even worse than that is realising its Monday morning and that tag was made on Friday night so its been visible to everyone you know on your time line for a whole weekend. Once again you click on the picture and untag yourself ( thank God for that option) but the damage has been done, its been on your wall for 48 hours already and aunt so and so from a town you have never heard of already unfriended you.

But sadly it doesn't stop there. Often you will log in and see you have private mail, you log in and it says "hi" so naturally you reply with "hey, how are you" because we were brought up to be polite, the next reply can take one of two roads, it will either be a nice conversation ( wishful thinking at best) or it will be followed with him posting a picture of his junk or him asking for a picture of your junk.

Lets be honest, facebook are no longer the social media platform to connect with friends and family, facebook became the modern day gaydar. It is in fact a convenient platform for sex crazed freaks to stalk and perv over guys that will never even look at them in real life 
The nice guy have been replaced with the creep that looks at your profile picture and see you as a chance to get laid.

Only thing left to say is this...

To the guys that see and use facebook as a menu to get laid...get real, its pathetic!

That said, i wonder if the same will happen with twitter at some point...


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