Thursday, 22 March 2012

Goodbye my old friend...

When i comes to what i need in my life, the list is very short, I need my Coffee... that's about it. My routine is pretty easy in the mornings, i wake up, i go pee (coz i have to) i make coffee and i light a cigarette (yes i know i need to quit), in that order. Coffee for me is like a tranquiliser, it keeps me calm and by doing that no one gets murdered!
Ironically coffee might also be responsible or at least adding to my 19 year battle with insomnia, would explain allot if that was the case lol
As i have mentioned recently i went on a healthy diet, no more junk food, no more crap, well the latest victim on the list that needed to be cut is.... tada...Coffee!

It comes as no surprise why this is the one thing that scares me a bit, let me explain...
I get cranky when i don't get coffee in the mornings. I am not, nor will i ever be a morning person!
Coffee also keeps the people around me safe...and not murdered! And by cranky i don't mean just slightly unpleasant, i mean i want to rip someones head off!

My new friend as of today is green tea, and yes i know, i have been warned that it is disgusting, but since i don't like normal tea green tea is my only option. Besides green tea is healthy..i think.
Its said to be good for the complexion, aids with weight loss, and battles cholesterol...its a win win situation then.
This morning was my first day of change, i had my first cup of Lipton green tea. Its actually not that bad to be honest, but i am craving coffee badly! I am guessing it will get worse before it gets better and the road to healthy living is still a long lonely path, but at least this is a first step. How many people will be a victim in my new no coffee lifestyle, i don't know, its still early in the day though lol

Coffee and i had a good run, but its time to lay my old trusty friend to rest.

Till we meet again


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