Sunday, 19 February 2012

Gay for pay

Can A Guy Really Be Straight If He Bones Dudes?

I have trouble understanding that can a straight guy be gay aslong as he gets paid, doesnt that make you gay or at the very least confused?

I have seen so many guys say that, well if the money is right who knows?

Decided to gather a few friends and some i recently met and is asked them what they would do, I was shocked at the majority of the responses. Seems that if you are straight and i pay you enough money most guys forget that they make fun or even dispise gay people.

"What if you..erm..cant get it up?" Oh thats no problem, thats why they invented viagra! ...No, Viagra does not work that way. Viagra does not make you hard spontaneously, you still have to be "turned on", it just makes it easier to have an erection when turn on! sorry got a bit carried away there, but its true, its not a mirracle drug, this is real life not the matrix, taking the blue pill will not make you attracted to a guy!

Another answer i got that kinda shocked me was on the question "How far would you go before you consider yourself gay?"

anything goes but kissing another dude makes you gay, men dont kiss. Sex is sex no matter where you get it, its not like there is emotions involved...

I am confused now, so i can have sex with a girl as a gay guy, but God forbid that i should kiss her because that would make me straight! Where do these people get this information!

The reality is that this exists in our lives, have a look on the web you will find them.

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 I've always had a fascination with straight guys and even more so with marines, sailors, anything military really as far back asI can remember. I was raised in the church and aside my lifestyle choices, this website is really a far cry from what my pastor probably expected of me.I tried my hand at a few careers and never quite took any of them to the level of success I had envisioned for myself.So after futile attempts at dead end jobs it dawned on me that no matter what, I was always really good at SEX!I must have watched a 1000 solo videos of unattractive, overweight producers having sex with beautiful straight studs and I put up with it because the guys were hot. So in May, 2004 I launched my own website and decided to give people a better choice.Through the years I've developed amazing oral skills that countless guys, straight and gay, unequivocally could not deny was the BEST oralthey'd ever experienced bar none. Of course you say, "yea right everyone says that" but if you watch my videos and see the reaction of these guys coupled with the inexplicable ability I have to manipulate straight guys you'll probably ask, "how does he do that?"


Above are just two of the better known and more popular sites that i could find, what amazes me is if you go through them you realise just how fast a straight guy will have sex witha  gay guy if you offer him enough money, hell if i knew that when i was younger!

This is still very confusing to me...but hey who cares, we all know that the only straight man is ...well there is no such thing lol ;)



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