Thursday, 23 February 2012

Derek Bishop...remember that name!

Ever heard of the name DEREK BISHOP?

Neither did I, until a few hours ago. 

I have a habit of following everyone that follows me, I see it as good manners, well I got the message from him saying:
Thanks for the follow! Looking fwd 2 your tweets. I'm a new gay artist. If you have a sec check my music…,

which I did, let me tell you what I found was nothing short of refreshing.
This guy is truly talented, and no I am not just saying that because I am a nice guy, he literally have talent coming out from his ears.
 His music is so fresh, crisp and haunting sounds combined with a foot tapping beat. I am finding it hard to describe his music mainly because for me it’s the first time in a very long time that I have heard music that is not simply a copy or a cover from a song that did well. It is unique sounding, a mixture between 70s pop, 80s electro pop with the haunting piano sounds thrown in for good luck.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, when it comes to the arts, especially singing I will leave it to the pro’s, and I can honestly say that Derek is a pro, his voice is soothing and his music relaxing, there is a harmonious flow that I am just not capable of achieving.

Gay pop-rock crooner, Derek Bishop is a time-capsule of pop stylings. His extra-catchy, eclecto-piano pop is paired with off-beat, often-dark lyrics creating a dynamic and interesting soundscape. 

Higher Plain Music just called him “quite possibly our favourite new male artist of 2011.” Derek’s debut full-length CD, Resistance is Beautiful, melds vintage keyboards, the occasional big band, 80s-synth pop, a touch of Broadway-meets-70s-rock, and a suitcase-full of percussion into a rich tapestry.

Derek released Resistance in 2011 to superb reviews. Producer Jay Braun, notable for his work with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, collaborated with him on the twelve tracks. The extent of the music reaches beyond its toe-tapping, finger-snapping beats. Bishop's songs emit both light and darkness, revealing a core of melancholic haunting lyrics within luminous exteriors. 

Derek artfully tells his stories with literary panache, creative imagery, and raw honesty. Pulling deep into his personal experiences, one highlight includes "Harvey", a song that speaks to resisting who we are and how that struggle shapes us - in this case, his emergence out of the closet, and into a spotlight.
The album Resistance is Beautiful is available on iTunes,, and Fans can follow him on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Derek Bishop — "The Last Word" 

Derek Bishop — "Why Hold On" Music Video 

One of the TOP 100 CDs of 2011! – BlowUpRadio

On his debut full-length CD, Resistance is Beautiful, Derek BIshop shows himself to be a connoisseur of pop music – 12 QUESTIONS

Unabashedly joyous... so jam-packed of sound and wonder. – HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC

Derek Bishop is a star of pop! – THE PAINTED MAN

It combusts. You hold the record in your hand and it burst into flames. – WYRD101

This is an album of well-written pop songs, crafted together with the deft touch of Bishop.SOUNDTRACK TO MY DAY

Resistance Is Beautiful is a knockout! – THE BOTTOM LINE 

Keep an eye on Derek guys, he is on the fast track to the top! 
You can follow Derek and his career @

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