Friday, 24 February 2012

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation

With so many celebrities out there making their voices heard in support of the LGBT community, it is sometimes hard to be sure that they are doing it for the right reasons. Dont get me wrong i appreciate any and all help when it comes to the rights of my fellow gay brothers and sisters. 

That said there is one guy out there that i have the utmost respect for, not only is he a great looking and very handsome STRAIGHT man, but he is doing everything in his power to get the rights we have been fighting for. I am ofcourse talking about non other than Ben Cohen.

Ben Cohen is an England Rugby World Cup Winner. He has achieved 57 caps for his country and is second in the all time try scoring record for England, topped only by Rory Underwood. Ben, of course, has not yet finished his England rugby career.
After 11 years of playing professional rugby for Northampton Saints, Ben spent 18 months playing for CA Brive in France where he made a big difference bringing speed, power and experience to a fast developing side. This year Ben has returned to the UK to play with premiership side Sale Sharks and he is looking forward to getting stuck back into English rugby over the next few seasons.
Ben is married to Abby and they have twin daughters, Harriette and Isabelle, who were born in September 2007. They currently live rural Northamptonshire.
Off pitch Ben spends most of his time with his family looking after the twins. His farm in Northamptonshire keeps him busy with a variety of animals from horses to sheep and chickens.
Ben is a qualified helicopter pilot and enjoys motorcycling and clay pigeon shooting, although the demands of a young family mean that there is precious little time for these activities at the current time.

The LGBT is only to gratefull to get support from such a great guy.

Ben also became the first straight sports figure to lead organizations focused on anti-bullying and LGBT causes.
U.S. Organizations Based in Atlanta Will Contribute Funds to StandUp Network

ATLANTA, May 20, 2011 -- Ben Cohen, MBE, today officially launched the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc. and StandUpTM social-commerce brand to help fund it. The Foundation is believed to be the world’s first organization dedicated solely to the cause of anti-bullying, wherever and to whomever it occurs.

Due to recent high-profile instances of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) bullying,, the Foundation gives particular focus and attention to this community. The announcement was made in conjunction with the Atlanta kick-off of Mr. Cohen’s “Acceptance Tour 2011,” which will continue on to New York, Washington DC, and Seattle.

Mr. Cohen, a rugby World Cup champion and second in all time scoring for England, is one of the world’s greatest athletes. He is the first straight sports star to dedicate his philanthropic efforts for the benefit of LGBT people. Mr. Cohen, married and father of twin daughters, is widely considered a “gay icon” for his rugged good looks, long-standing LGBT advocacy, and more than 157,000 predominately gay friends on Facebook. Mr. Cohen’s cause is as personal as it is for his fans; his own father was brutally beaten to death in 2000.

“If people find me attractive and that helps them pay attention and hear my message of acceptance, then I am honored by it,” said Mr Cohen, chairman of the Foundation. “Every human being has the right to love and be loved, and I want to be a bridge between LGBT and straight communities to create a kinder world,” he said.

To help fund the Foundation and its work, Mr. Cohen also has created the StandUp social-commerce brand, managed and licensed by Ben Cohen USA, Inc., his commercial enterprise. Like (RED), focused on AIDS, or Livestrong, focused on cancer, the StandUp brand engages the consumer marketplace to fund social change. StandUp is the first social-commerce brand developed for the benefit of LGBT people and the anti-bullying cause. Its profits will be shared with the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. 

Stand Up Foundation 

When we stand up together, we stand up a bit taller.

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc. supports organizations, programs and people that advance equality for the LGBT community and help for at-risk youth by standing up against bullying. To request support, download and fill out this PDF form.
We are fortunate to be joined by a wide variety or caring, informed and influential sports, entertainment and government leaders who are standing up with us to show their support.
With funds raised, the Foundation will support our own original work and that of the StandUp Network, including:
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
The Trevor Project
Campus Pride
The Matthew Shepard Foundation
Stonewall (UK)
Bully-Free Zone (UK) 

I stand up against bullying. Will you?

I lost my own father to violence when he stood up for an employee who was being attacked. I’ve heard from my wonderful friends in the LGBT community about the hard roads too many have traveled. And many parents have shared painful stories with me about how their children, who might be perceived to be different, are ruthlessly attacked and scared of their own schools. I am passionate about standing up against bullying and homophobia in sports, and feel compelled to take action. It is time we stand up for what is right and support people who are being harmed. Every person on this planet has a right to be true to themselves, to love and be loved, and to be happy. I encourage others to stand up with me and make a difference. Simply shop or donate, and your efforts will help fund extremely important work.



 For more info on the Ben Cohen Foundation click on the following link.


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