Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lesbian Stars in Remarkable Project

A group of British lesbian musicians have banded together to release a single for charity to help combat homophobic bullying in schools.
Earlier this year we reported on the making of this song.
We are happy to report that The L-Project released the single 'It Does Get Better' on February 11 and its now for sale online at various venues accross the world.
Here is the MUST WATCH video. We proclaim 'It Does Get Better' as Queerlife's no 1 Queer anthem of 2012.

The group of 17 top female artists was formed by Georgey Payne, singer-songwriter for folk band Greymatter, after being moved by the experiences of a young gay friend.
'I noticed one night he was worried about going home after working an evening,' she said.
'When I asked him what was wrong he told me he was being bullied at school.
'I then listened while he explained everything that had been happening, and I just remember feeling so sad at what he was having to go through.

'Being a songwriter, the best way I could think of to help raise money and awareness to prevent this kind of thing happening to others was to write a song.'
The song's lyrics talk about the challenges of growing up gay, but the central message is one of hope, echoing the 'It Gets Better' video series in the US and Stonewall's It Gets Better Today campaign in the UK.
South Africans can buy the track at the iTunes store.

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