Friday, 25 October 2013

The 6 most perfect Halloween costume ideas for gay couples

Grab your bestie or your boyfriend and slip into our suggestions for the sexiest and scariest Halloween costumes

It's that time of the year again, to dust off the skeleton costumes in your closet and come as you aren't!
Halloween is not the only time of the year you can dress up, but it is a fun chance to join the world in reliving your childhood, remembering the pop culture moments of the year or stripping down for a fun, sexy costume.
Gay Star News has done your thinking for you and come up with some classic and modern ideas perfect for male same-sex couples. 
We didn't miss you out girls. If you and your lady love would like some costume ideas, just click here.
Mario and Luigi
These two famous Nintendo video characters are a classic costume idea for a gay couple looking to match this Halloween. All you and your partner need is a pair of denim dungarees, a green and red jumper, matching hats, and of course a comedy mustache.

Vampires and Werewolves
If you're feeling like a sexy get-up without too much effort or work, then why not consider a vampire or werewolf? Buy some fangs, or maybe some furry gloves and you're all set! The best thing about this costume is if you’re not big on dressing up, you can usually get away with a white T-shirt, leather jacket and jeans, or update the look by ditching the fur or Dracula cape and go shirtless. 

Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Neil Patrick Harris and his family bought this fairy tale costume to life back in 2011.
Captain Hook: In order to get the infamous Disney character’s look, you will need a long red jacket, white tights, three-quarter length trousers, an oversized pirate hat, a sword and lastly, a hook!
Peter Pan: Think green! Light green top accompanied by dark green tights, a green hat with a red feather, brown boots and a sword. 

Aladdin and Jafar
Disney’s rival characters Aladdin and Jafar could make for a fun and adult Arabian-themed Halloween night.
For Jafar: You will need a long black cape with padded shoulders and a red lining, a large, black turban with a red feather and jewel, a snakes-head cane and to really top it off, a parrot for your shoulder.
For Aladdin: You will need white harem trousers, a little purple waistcoat complete with a purple hat. For added effect, a mini genie lamp at hand!

Cops and Robbers
These timeless outfits are worn every year by couples on Halloween. The great thing about this one is - male or female; you can comfortably be either cop or robber. 
Asit is such a simple concept, you can pretty much do anything with it.
For a robber, you could cover yourself in blood, sweat and gore or even just go for the classic matching striped t-shirt and trousers.
For the Cop however, you can sex it up, show a lot of flesh and team it with aviators and handcuffs!

Batman and Robin

Of course, we could not leave out this crime-fighting duo! A favored choice for gay couples on Halloween every year. Because of their popularity, these costumes are sold in most costume stores at this time of year but feel free to get creative and make your own. 

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