Monday, 27 February 2012

Family matters...

We all get born into some kind of family, your relation by blood or by friendship bond it doesn't matter. Family are there to love and support you no matter what you did, mind you some "crimes" are pushing the limit but even that can be forgiven and over looked by family.

What i do not understand is that we allow families to drift apart, brothers and sisters not speaking and cousins robbed of the experience of growing up together. Why do we do that, how can we allow that to even happen, someone should have stop it before it even started.

Pick up a phone or write an email just to find out if they are healthy and to catch up on the resent events in their lives, its that easy... you don't even need a reason, just make the damn call.
Why do we wait for events like weddings and funerals to get together and even then its very wonky at the best of times? A call on your birthday, Christmas is something that most of us adore and appreciate but for some people that call never comes, because of aunt so and so not talking to you or anyone in the family, no one even knows why but they are too stubborn to let go of the feud.

Our families hold the keys to understanding and appreciating ourselves. Who can relate better to us then our own brother or sister that shared so many experiences with us? Who can love us more selflessly then our own mother or father who sacrificed daily for so many years to raise us? The better we understand our parents and siblings the better we understand ourselves. This understanding is most completely achieved as we look to our family's heritage with the help of our oldest living relatives. By discovering the customs, practises and traditions of our ancestors we uncover truths about our parents and ourselves. We find out how our grandparents treated our parents and so on from generation to generation. We discover the ambitions and fears of our forefathers along with their failures and triumphs. In the process of learning our family history we uncover our past, understand our present and shape our future.

Life is too short people, we live in an era where we need people around us to support and motivate us. There is no room for feuds, silly fights and things that happened in the past. With all the technology we are exposed to today there should be NO excuse to not stay in contact, Black berry messenger, Skye, Face book, Twitter and many many offer you every imaginable way to say that i love you or lets get together on so and so weekend and make a family affair of it. yet we don't do that, pride is the problem, we are waiting for the other party to make the first move, a move that might never come.

Anyone can die at any time. There is no time to wait, the time is now. Fix the bridges and walk across it hand in hand, bury the hatchet and move on. Most of us still have at least one or maybe both grand parents, think about them, how would you feel if you were in their shoes and you saw that the family you adore is so far apart that it seems hopeless. They will not be with us for ever, make each second count!. Honor their legacy and show them that they build up a strong and loving family.

Out of all the things i have lost, i miss my family the most - author unknown

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