Thursday, 23 February 2012

Good Luck Lance Weyer!

With the eyes of the world...or at least the gay part of it on South Africa for the Mr. Gay World 2012 in Johannesburg from 4 to 8 April, i am sure many people have their favorite contestant but I can’t help thinking that most will also ask the one question that most of us would like an answer to, Can South Africa grab the title for a third year running?

Every gay South African already knows the answer to that question, HELL YES

We all have seen the local boys; we know how hot they are! We also know that there are a lot more to them than ripped abs and a smile that could turn even the knees of her majesty the Queen to jelly.  At first glance anyone would be excused for only seeing the smiles, the flat ripped sculptured stomachs, its normal, as a society we don’t often associate a well-developed mind with smoking hot looks.

Mr. Gay World 2011 - Francois Nel
The current Mister Gay World 2011 titleholder is Francois Nel from Pretoria, South Africa with South Africa winning a record second time in Manila. Francois was crowned in the Philippines on March 14. The previous South African winner in 2010 was Charl van den Berg, winning in Oslo.

People have a weird look on their faces when you mention the Mr. Gay World event, I am sure they have a mental image of how they would see the beauty pageants of gay men going down. Firstly it is not a “pageant” there is no evening dress or drag section and they don’t prance around in high heels, colorful feathered boas and weird wigs. 
 A beauty pageant or beauty contest, is a competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, we all know these boys are hot, they are gay after all which naturally means they are fabulous and cute  so no need to compete for beauty then!
                                                                                                Mr. Gay World 2010 - Charl van den Berg
The Mr. Gay World competition is about much more than what you can see…and no I don’t mean that FOCUS and get your minds out of the gutters!

Mr. Gay World is an annual contest for gay men, seeking to establish ambassadors for Gay and Human Rights, with winners of national contests competing as delegates in a variety of categories. A Cute smile and a rocking body won’t get you far in this competition; you need to have at least something behind those sparkling blue eyes and chiseled chest…

Who is Mr Gay World?
The Mr. Gay World Competition is a Twenty First Century beauty contest where the delegates represent their nation as the best spokesperson and embody the spirit of their nation.
The delegate chosen to represent his peers on a global stage will not only have the inner beauty of confidence, self assurance, charisma and natural leadership abilities but he will also take care in his outward appearance.
The delegate will treat his body as his temple and will be active and outgoing. He will have impeccable grooming standards and has a thorough understanding of what attire is appropriate for each engagement he is to encounter.
During the stage competitions and particularly in the personal interviews, the jury will focus on the delegate who:
  • shows an interest in the world and people around him;
  • displays patience, has a compassionate and considerate nature;
  • embraces change, or things and people different from his own frame of reference, experience or cultural background;
  • can articulate his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation;
  • has a basic innate charm and sparkle;
  • is special, and authentic;
  • has poise and is secure with himself, without coming across as arrogant;
  • is the ambassador that his nation and local community is proud of;
  • can be a diplomat of goodwill;
  • has natural leadership skills;
  • he inspires his peers and people around him;
  • is willing to take risks and become something larger than he had imagined;
  • is willing to have fun, push his personal comfort zones, and meet many wonderful people around the globe and be part of a very select and special group of men;
  • he is Mr. Gay World.
Delegate must be at minimum 19 years of age one month prior to the competition. All Delegates are responsible for their own VISA and flight requirements when visiting foreign countries. Spoken English is an asset but not mandatory.

Mr.Gay South Africa 2012 - Lance Weyer
The hopes of South Africa for the third consecutive Mr. Gay World Title lies firmly on the capable shoulders of Mr. Gay South Africa for 2011, Lance Weyer
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another pretty boy…I SAID FOCUS, you can look at his abs later! There is a lot more to this young man. At only 24 he should be an inspiration to every young boy out there, gay or straight for that matter.
Lance is a graduate of University of Fort Hare and the University of South Africa, with experience in the Educational and Psychological services industries. He is currently a serving PR Councilor at the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. He serves on the Health & Public Safety Standing Committee as well as the Special Programs Strategic Committee, which deals with programs and initiatives and their integration into other municipal operations on issues such as HIV/AIDS, TB, women, children and the disabled amongst others.

Lance has always believed strongly in LGBTI rights being human rights. Recently he was in the news after Home Affairs refused to marry a gay couple. The official told the couple that “they don’t do gay marriages”. Lance immediately took up this cause and escalated it through political channels to Parliament, where the situation was swiftly dealt with. Lance said "Government appointed marriage officers are not allowed to refuse to marry a multi-racial couple, and it should be the same for same-sex couples. South Africa's Constitution forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, race or sexual orientation, both by the state and by private parties. LGBTI people should not have to fight for rights that are already protected by the constitution, but if a fight is what is needed, I’m wearing my gloves."

This young man is very vocal about things that matter and I am proud to have someone like him fight for what is a right and not a privilege.
Lance you have all of South Africa firmly behind you, gay, straight and confused, we admire you and will support you in the future no matter what, have fun and enjoy the competition.
Good luck!

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