Wednesday, 22 February 2012

what song best describes you?

Been asked that a few times in my life.  And let me tell you it’s not that easy picking one.

After spending most of the week, well the last 10 min of it I think I have finally found my song! So excited now! Let me tell you how I eventually found the song that describes me best, it was a very complicated process! Almost mathematical. Or it would have been if I didn’t suck at math.

At first I was all excited and wooohooo, that soon changed to damn I can’t remember half of the names, a few words and here will not really help, so I decided to go through my playlist… one song at a time and I suddenly realized something profound…I HAVE CRAP ON MY PLAYLIST!

So off I went to YouTube, if you ever used YouTube you would know that finding a song on there is damn easy, that is unless you are me, I enter a name of a song, or what I thought the name was and click enter…. NOTHING!

 Eventually I realized that not only do I have crap on my playlist I also need to pay more attention to the words or at least the damn name of the song. I eventually did the bravest thing I ever in my life, a friend came for a visit and since I was brave and all that I decided to use her knowledge and try and find the names. I should tell you when I sing it’s… well its bad. I make two cats being strangled sound like a piece written by Bach… or one of those dead guys.

I hummed, I sang (if you can call it that), hey I was damn proud of myself! But seeing your friend on the floor rolling from side to side as she laughs or tries not to do it out loud is a mood killer, well she did mumble something about waking the dead at one point in between her attempts to not stop breathing because she laughed that hard!

Eventually I remembered the names of a few! Wooohooo yay me!

At first I was thinking LMFAO – sexy and I know it! Then I realized I look like a beached whale on some days, so that quickly turned into a hell no.

Next song that popped into my mind was Whitney – I will always love you! Also a hell no because you need to sing that at someone you love so it doesn’t work if you are single,, people will think you are weird and very very vain.

Next one was by queen… I think, another one bites the dust…quickly ignored that because that one is true when it comes to my life lol

Eventually I only had 2 remaining, one was my choice and the second was forced on me by my friend and my mom, they ganked up on me, how rude!

I wanted to say Josh Groban – You are loved because I love that song, it really makes me feel good on the days where I am not so humorous and freaking awesome! Lol

But the sad reality is that the song that best describes me is most likely the loony tunes theme song, I was pissed at first then I realized, it’s true, I love life, I am certainly loony on the best of days and I love seeing people laugh even if they are laughing at me, which by the way happens more than I would like to admit lol. The conclusion is that I am nuts and I don’t care I would suck at being normal, damn who wants to be dreadfully boring anyway?


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