Monday, 25 February 2013

10 Questions i get asked by my str8 friends...

Many of us if not all of us had the urge to ask a question regardless if it was serious or stupid at some point in our lives. We all have heard someone say “Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answers.” or  “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” 

For me as a gay man the questions i get from some people is mostly so funny that i often do not even realise that they are serious about it. That got me thinking, if they ask those kind of questions and they are serious, then maybe they really don't know. A few weeks ago i had a eureka moment, why not do a blog about the most common questions i get, yeah i know its been done on many occasions so why bother?

I asked all of my friends for the one question they wanted to ask a gay person but never had the guts to ask. They could ask me directly of just text or email if they wanted to, i was amazed by the response i got! I wanted to share this here to show my friends and family that they questions asked is not always "stupid" the only stupid question is the question never asked in my opinion.

So here goes :)

1) Do you even like sports or do u only pretend?

Like any other person its a matter if preference, not every one likes the same things in life, i like rugby and cricket, not a big fan of soccer tho.

2) So how do you decide who is gonna be the man and who is the woman?

If you just let things progress during the night that should not be a problem, it will sort it self out...well some times lol. You do get some gay men that prefer to either "top" or "bottom" and not always both. Some guys and i do think most is what you call versatile, they go either way.

3) Do you have "gaydar" and how does it actually work?

I'm not sure if i have ever had a working"gaydar" if i did i would have gone for someone else than my exes lol. Most gay men and i say most because i am sure mine doesn't work, usually knows if someone else is gay or not, we are not always correct but mostly we are. A look or just a vibe is usually all it takes to know if he is or not, but its not an exact science and it might very well end up in a disaster...well for me anyway lol

4) Aren't you scared of getting infected with...well you know AIDS?

Aren't everyone? Every person i know is scared of that, but we also know not to test fate and have unprotected sex, condoms are not only there to inflate or make funny videos with, they do actually save lives so use them. HIV/AIDS are not the killer that it used to be, many people now live long and happy lives even when they are infected but that does not mean we can forget about it and be like animals, NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!

5) When did you decide to be gay?

I didn't chose to be gay, i didn't wake up one morning and thought to myself " Hmmmm i think today i will be gay" No one i know will choose something that could potentially make people you love hate and reject you. I knew from a very young age that i was different than my friends. i didn't realise at the time what it was, but i did eventually come to know that i was gay and i was OK with it even if other people wasn't.

6) Gay people will go to hell, doesn't that bother you?

It used to. We all sin, we all make mistakes and we all learn from it. I was born gay, i didn't decide to be gay. I was brought up to believe that God didn't make mistakes, and i still believe that!

7) You say that you are gay, but why do we never see you in women's clothing?

Being gay does not mean that we dress up in women's clothing. Some guys are more feminine and they do prefer to dress like a woman. I am gay because i find men attractive, not men trying to be a woman. You will be shocked if you knew how many of the men you have met is actually gay, even if they don`t look it.

8) Does "IT" hurt?

Gay sex the first time can be painful for some, but with the miracle invention that is lube and with some foreplay your body soon adapts to the pleasure that comes from being intimate with another man.

9) Why do you like Barbra Streisand? (i get asked this alot for some reason!)

I don't, not all gay men like her, for some reason that i do not understand being gay and Barbara is connected, God knows why lol, cant stand her voice! To be honest i have yet to meet someone that do like her!

10) Have you ever been with a woman?

Yes i have, i dated one for a while believe it or not lol, the thing is i am just not attracted to the female species in any way, shape or form. I do like women, i think they are fabulous, i just don't see them in that way.

I am sure there are many more questions out there, some serious and some not so serious. I leave you with these for now, but I'm sure there will be a follow up eventually since i still cant believe i received such a good response from my friends!


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