Sunday, 8 April 2012

Twitter Trap


Twitter fascinates me, not only do people use it to connect to family and friends from all over the world, but they can also share photos and multimedia files at the click of a button from a desktop pc, laptop or a smartphone. This is where a few people would go “yes, but you can do that on Facebook also” ,If you have been on Facebook recently you would have noticed that the place is pretty much dead or close to dead.

Much more people than previously started or went over to twitter recently because of ease of access mainly, personally I find twitter to be much more entertaining than Facebook. It comes at no surprise that most of the gay community prefer twitter to any other social platform simply because they can upload whatever they want and for the most no one would even care, with the exception of one or two narrow minded people and I must add that those who un-follow you is mostly straight and anti-social to start with. Twitter is great for promoting yourself, your website or even your own personal blog, hit by hit twitter pulls in more people than all the other sites combined.

One thing thing that is very accessible on twitter is celebrities, you can follow them with out asking to be friends and lets face it your chances of following the likes of Lady Gaga on her personal Facebook page is slim to no fucking chance, on twitter you simply click the follow button and you are set to see and enjoy every single tweet made by your favorite celeb.

Following anyone on twitter seems to be the international game at the moment, you will often see someone go from 100 followers to a few thousand in a few days largely with the help of #FF and other follow back groups. Even that is not a problem, if you are worried that your timeline will be flooded by thousands of posts, don’t be, you only see the tweets of the people that you actually follow, you might have 18922 followers, but only the 50 or so you follow will appear on your timeline.

Now, as I mentioned previously the gay community really likes twitter, there is no shortage of x-rated pictures, video clips, sex toys etc. on twitter, don’t get a heart attack now, you will only see those if you actually follow the people that feels comfortable to upload the full Monty. Finding these guys are not difficult at all, with a Hash tag (#) you can find basically anything on twitter, from latest trends to hardcore straight or gay porn. Most people warn you that their profiles and uploads is of an adult nature by telling you that they have sensitive material or they will ad a 18+ to their BIO, so no need to complain if you see a picture of a young stud shooting his load, and to do that you actually have to click on “show image” first.

Not every tweet is of a sexual nature, there are thousands of people tweeting the latest news, jokes, local activist events, if its happening someone is tweeting about it, keep up to date with a latest rugby score by simply following your favorite team, the majority or people straight or gay for the most post really funny tweets that will have you in stitches in no time at all.

Twitter is fun, its entertaining and very addictive, tweet where you are, what you are doing and all you would be doing is joining a few million people from all over the world in letting the world know what your day is like, no bitchy comments, no like button, just mindless addictive fun.

I am hooked on twitter, most of my daily activities I share on twitter, Facebook I merely keep for the few friends and family that I want to keep in contact with that have not migrated to twitter yet.

If you are already part of the in crowd and do have a twitter handle, then this might be you…

Twitter, one of the most popular social networks in the world. Are you addicted? Maybe? No? Ask yourself this, “Are you really being honest with yourself?” I think the answer might come as a no. I don’t blame you. Something is really fascinating about viewing 140 character messages rolling up on your screen every minute of the day. Besides there are thousands and thousands of articles sifting through tweets each and every day. Now coming back to the actual question, “Are you addicted?”

7 Signs You’re Addicted to Twitter

1. You now think in sentences of 140 characters or less.
2. Whenever a big news item breaks, you can’t wait to log on and see what others are saying about it on Twitter.
3. If something funny/annoying/ unusual happens to you, your first thought is how you’re going to tweet it.
4. You’re considering getting an iPhone – purely “because it’s so much easier to tweet on the move.”
5. You rely on Twitter’s trending topics to tell you what people are talking about.
6. You discover a new comedian/singer /product and immediately log on to see if they have a Twitter page.
7. You scorn any friends/colleagues who aren’t on Twitter….if they’re not on Facebook either, then they’re not worth talking to.

All that is left to say is….welcome to the new world and its run by a small blue bird..tweet tweet tweet.


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