Thursday, 19 April 2012

The mystery that is Us…


The past month or so was for the lack of a better word interesting.

Not only did I discover something that I enjoy tremendously but I am also very good at it. I started doing amateur Dj mixes and I think I fell in love with it. But not all things good came across my way, The very thing that made me so happy, aka the mixing of beats and music that I like also drove some friends away. I got unfriended and blocked by another Dj friend and the only reason I can think of is because I started doing the mixing thing. We try and surround ourselves with people, friends and family that will support and encourage us to do the best to our abilities but sometimes the people we choose is not what they seem.

Technology allows us to keep in contact even if there is a whole ocean or a continent between us, that said we add people on social sites and our phones just so we cant have a chat to them every now and then. But what to do if you have hundreds of friends and no one is available to just say hello or I am well how are you?

Why are we so self centered that we ignore and deliberately hurt other people because for the most part we lack in good up bringing? Can we even go that far and blame the parents for the lack of respect and manners displayed by their children? The answer is easy…NO, if we cant have the decency to reply to a message, return a call or take just one second to say hello then we cant blame anyone else but ourselves.  By nature we are caring and supportive people, we are rude and arrogant by choice.

Life is speeding past us at a frightening speed and yet we let small things get to us, we ignore attempts or calls for help from people near us. Gone is the days where we were happy for someone and what they did or got now all we care about is getting a more expensive or bigger whatever the other one got. We became hermits in our own little fucked up idea of a world and we will crush anyone that is deemed a threat or that will stand in our way of becoming the best. We have a bad experience with one person and we immediately treat everyone like shit, we push friends and family away just because we don’t care what we do or say as long as we get all the credit and we don’t have to share.

Take the time to notice people around you guys, support them, give credit where its due, jealousy is a cancer that will destroy numerous lives in a heartbeat, someone say hello or how are you at least have the decency to reply and let them know that you are doing well, there is a reason why they took the time to ask about your well being.

I am done with my sermon for today, not exactly a ranting post as I intended when I sat down but hey, some things are put across better in a well thought out way than with anger and hate.



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