Sunday, 22 April 2012

I am GLBTI...

It is not often that a website comes along that i see as a very important tool for the GLBTI community, IAMGAY.CO.ZA is one of those websites!

When i started this blog the first post i ever made was the Get help tab where the a gay or any person for that matter can get help, needless to say it took me more than a day to find all the relevant info because it was posted all over the net, now finally we have a page that contains every thing you could ever need to help you or anyone else that needs help or just need to find answers.

Click the image to visit this great website!

This is the ONE page that every gay person or parent with a gay child must bookmark guys, if you ever need help please ask, there are people out there that dedicate their lives to help you deal with all the issues that may come up.


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