Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mr Gay World 2012: Meet the Judges

How will the scoring work for the event, well i hope this helps:

Weighting of Challenges

The delegates will have the following challenges each weighted according to a predetermined value:
- Written LGBT Rights & History Test 5% of total score
- Sports Challenge 10% of total score
- Community Outreach and engagement in South Africa 5% of total score
- Photo shoot 10% of total score
- Panel Interview 30% of total score
- Grand Finale Swim Suit 20% of total score
- Formal wear judging poise & elegance 10% of total score
- National costume judging creativity, does the interpretation of the National costume connect with the audience in understanding the nation the delegate is representing. 5% of total score
- Administration points: how well did the delegate respond to email request prior to the competition as well as how well they listen to instructions during the competition. 5% of total score

Judges’ Scoring
The Judges will score each task from a value between 1-100, 100 indicating perfect score.
All judges’ scores will be averaged and that average value will be used in the calculation of the final score for each delegate

In the Event of a Tie

In the Event of a Tie with the Final 5 delegates. 
The scrutinizer will take the delegates in question and review their final score for the Panel Interview Round. The delegate with the highest score in the Panel Interview will determine the tie breaker. For instance if in the Final Five two or more delegates are tied for 2nd place. The delegate with the highest panel interview score will be awarded 2nd place and the remaining delegate awarded 3rd place, etc.. 
If a tie still occurs then the scrutinizer will look at the final marks from the Swim Wear scores and make the determination as above.


Mr. Gay World 2012
The Executive Producers for Mr. Gay World 2012 is Mr. GSA PTY - Mr. Gay South Africa
in cooperation with MGW Ltd. 
Special thank you to our generous sponsors including: Host hotel: Fairway Hotel & Spa, Askari Game Lodge, Sponsors: Lexus, Redken for Men, Tempest Car Hire, College SA, michaelgameplan, bone wear and more

• Poise
• Elegance
• Charismatic
Inner Beauty
• LGBT Human Rights Aware
• Leadership
• Has a vision / plan
• Articulate

Bedford-Eichler, Briand. Briand Bedford grew up in Durban and left South Africa in 1985. Briand has been the Editor in Chief of the Spartacus International Gay Guide since 1999. Briand resides in Germany.

Butter, Eric. President of Mr Gay World Organization..

Creagh, Andrew. Editor in Chief and Founder of DNA Magazine. Australia.

Malaba, Frank.

Is a Zimbabwean Actor, Human Rights Activist, Playwright Poet and Radio Producer/ Host.  In the last two years he has become one of the faces of gay rights in Africa as the anchor and producer of Radio Today Outspoken, the only fully Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex talk show in Africa.

Padayachee, Pubern, Dr.
Dr Padayachee, from India, is a medical doctor. He also presents on TV and
is a part-time Bollywood actor.

Teppema, Remco. Co-founder/co-publisher of the gay publications Winq and Mate Magazine. Holland.

Tucker, Terry.International Judge (North America)  Mr. Terry Tucker (P.Geo.) is a registered professional geoscientist and a successful senior executive in the mineral exploration, mining and finance industry.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree Specializing in Geology from the University of Alberta, Canada.

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