Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The 2013 Manscaping Guide!

To shave or not to shave: that is the question. 

Manhunt teamed up with Max 4 Men to come up with the best answer possible, and with 27,609 of your votes tallied, we’re pleased to present you with the final results of our not-at-all-scientific research. While this may not necessarily put the manscaping argument to rest, it’ll at least give you some idea regarding the preferences of your fellow gay, bisexual or otherwise-identified men who enjoy the company of other men.
Those of you who took the poll might recall that we broke the results into two separate categories—lower and upper body. The results below show the breakdown for each individual part. Percentages represent the number of individuals who said you should shave, trim or manscape that given part.
If you hate reading and like pretty pictures, you might prefer viewing the results in this fashion (as linked in the image below). If you like numbers and arguing about what they mean, here’s the material you’ll get to work with…
Neck (12.43%)
Nose Hair (12.37%)
Neck Beard (11.19%)
Back (10.93%)
Shoulders (10.8%)
Face/Beard (8.58%)
Lower Back / Assy Knoll / Awkward Patch Above Your Crack (8.17%)
Upper Arm, Between Elbow & Shoulder (7.77%)
Eyebrows (5.85%)
Armpits (3.14%)
Chest (3.13%)
Abdominal Area (2.86%)
Hands/Fingers (1.7%)
Forearm, Between Wrist & Elbow (1.06%)
Shaft (21.35%)
Pubes/Bush (19.47%)
Balls (17.66%)
Taint, Between Balls & Hole (11.86%)
Hole (11.58%)
Butt Cheeks (6.78%)
Feet/Toes (5.17%)
Treasure Trail (3.05%)
Thighs (1.8%)
Calves (1.29%)

 You’ll notice that there are much higher percentages for the lower body, particularly in the crotch region. If you feel so inclined to do some grooming down there, might we recommend picking up some of Max 4 Men‘s pheromone-infused shaving products? Oh, come on, don’t look at us like that! We’re not promoting them just because they co-sponsored this guide. They make good stuff, and we have personal testimonials from our fellow Manhunt colleagues that the Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream is a ball-shaver’s best friend.

taken from: http://manhuntdaily.com

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