Monday, 18 February 2013

Its all fun and games, until it isnt...

We all at one point or another cracked a joke at someones expense or what they are dealing with, we grew up with it, it became second nature for us as humans in a world that is hard and cruel. We deal with a hard situation by going to humour to help us through it, its a natural reaction, instinct if you will, but the fact is it makes dealing with death, a breakup etc easier to deal with. 
Just like we need air, we need humour to function in life, lets face it, who wants to go through the same shit day in and day out if nothing funny was ever said or happened, it would be a pritty fucking boring life if you ask me, but did you ever take a moment to think about exactly what you joked about, or how it would be seen by others, or how it would affect the person you are joking about?

The short and easy answer is no, we don't. We rarely if ever consider the impact of what we say or do, hey, no one is to blame for that, that's just how we are. Lets face it many if not all humans are inconsiderate self centred ass holes. If we get the attention and the laughter is directed at someone or something else we don't give a flying fuck about who get hurt. With Internet access so easily available it gave us a platform to be ass holes to the best of our ability with no regard to consequence. You can log into a social media platform like twitter or Face book or any of the others out there and anonymously joke, insult, threaten or abuse any one we want, no one will ever know, so why the fuck not?

Recently a celebrity athlete was arrested in South Africa for allegedly killing his girlfriend, it was shocking and sickening to many of his millions of fans, here is this beloved guy, Oscar Pistorius, in handcuffs for murder. Ironically it took less than an hour for the first jokes to appear on twitter. Jokes like "And the Oscar goes to.... Jail", "The tragedy is that if Oscar Pistorius had no arms, this would never have happened" and even "Oscar’s defence will be that he was absolutely legless at the time" tweeted by John Cleese quickly flooded every status or tweet within hours. Sure some of them is funny, but the fact is that not only do they make fun of an athlete with a disability but also of the fact that someone is dead and anothers life is basically destroyed. No thought about the family or friends of either parties involved reading that joke mere hours after the tragedy happened.

 If death is not off limits then surely something just as serious as HIV.AIDS isn't either? No its not, in the last day or so a comment made by a the times columnist, Caitlin Moran, or as i call her the feminist bitch or wannabe fag hag stirred to bee hive surrounding jokes. She made a joke that her cold was worse than AIDS and that had many people disgusted and ready for a public hanging. What made it much worse is that she then went and blocked a guy living with HIV/AIDS for taking her on about her post and the Policy Director of the Terence Higgins Trust who just invited her to come to a meet and greet with a few people living with the disease. No "oh i`m sorry" or "i meant no offence meant guys" followed that sick joke. A lot of people came to her defence saying it wasn't meant as an insult or anything bad regarding the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and rightly so, but the fact of the matter is it shouldn't have been said in the first place, especially not by someone in her position, she should have thought before she pressed enter and take responsibility for the aftermath of her joke.

These two are only a small percentage of the jokes out there, some are really funny and some are just in bad taste no matter how you look at it. Would you walk up to the parents of a woman killed and crack a joke in real life or go to someone living with HIV and make fun of it? no you would not, because if you did you will more than likely get fucked up and receive the worst beating of your life. Don't get me wrong, i am no angel either, i make jokes...allot! anyone following me on twitter can see what i post, and i will be the first to say that some are really fucked up and not that funny, i`m human, i never said i was perfect and i know i will never be. I am not sitting around watching for a sick joke or someone to post something offencive either. What i am saying is that even though its not in our nature, it is in our hands to decide to be ass holes or not, we decide if we want to insensitive to something or someone, no one else.

Think before you press enter, think of what you are doing to someone before you do something fucked up for a laugh, you might not realise it but every laugh comes at a price...


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