Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fabulous fight club!

When did drama start to replace our normal scheduled entertainment? Seems to me that no one can get through a single day without being apart or staring in some kind of drama.

There is way more drama, backstabbing and just pure evil bitchiness in my daily life than i can cope with. the fucked up part is, that 99% of that drama etc is not even my own lol

We have celebrities on the screen and tabloids wanting to stab each other, rip out a weave (not even sure what a weave is!) or in general fight over some scrawny ass boyfriend. School girls on twitter and face book that wants to scoop out someones eyes for looking at her mans ass!

Then we get to the really good drama, the gay pink drama! And boy do we gays know how to milk the drama cow! Enter the Drama queens!

Everyday i log into twitter, no i don't have a face book since its crap, and i see these dramas play out. Mostly the same people that is involved in a non stop bitchy episode gays of our lives. I have lost count of who slept with who`s boyfriend or brother, who said what or who did what. Its a vicious never ending cycle of "fuck you bitch", "Whore" and many other colourful descriptions.

Don't get me wrong, its every bit as entertaining as it sounds! My thoughts on this is however slightly less entertaining. I don't want to see what you did to your ex boyfriend to spite your current boyfriend. Posting pics of you fucking him is even worse, its stupid. You are giving him evidence to use against you ass hole!
Posting a long and drawn out fight on twitter is even better! i just love reading every thing you have to say, for hours, i don't have a life, so please carry on!
Lets say for argument sake that i un-friend you (I know you are thinking that anyway!) to get away from it all. BEHOLD, someone will be kind enough to re tweet the entire fight and little by little i get drawn back into the current episode...Thank you for the re tweet ass hole!

Normal bitch fights can be mean, gay bitch fight can get nasty. Trust me if you have never been apart of one of those fights, Thank your lucky stars! Its vicious, underhanded and just plain nasty. Nothing is out of bounds! It might start with a comment about a bad outfit and before you realise it, it snow balled in to a full blown world war gay!

 I often imagine the pink version of fight club when i see these epic fights. Imagine if you will, i fabulous underground club that every one speaks about. Don't judge me, we are gay, keeping a secret is not in our genetic code! Luxurious fabrics drape from the wall, crystal chandelier hanging from a gold plated chain. Lighting just perfect, not to dark and not to bright either. Two worked up gay men standing in opposite corners getting ready to fight it out. The boas were dusted, nails and hair done, stunning night gowns draping their skinny bodies showing off every curve possible (needs to be skinny since being gay and fat is frowned upon)
A butch lesbian walks over scaring some of the more feminine men as she shouts, fight bitches!

What follows is a scene of epic drama at its best, Heels fly around the room, hair gets pulled and someone even loses an ear. Something that resembles a patty cake game when alcohol is involved draws a crowd, with one winning the fight and the other looking like he got run over by a snow plough after a few minutes of fighting. Fights wont be long since the smoking and alcohol abuse doesn't allow for long drawn out fights sadly :(

In the ideal world that would be what i would imagine a gay bitch fight will be like, but in reality we get the public I'm going to fuck you up public fights over the Internet. No use using a text message or phoning that person, mainly because then no one will see it...

In short (or not that short looking at the screen now) it gets down to this..

1) We don't want to see Ur drama!
2) Please don't share your drama!
3) Its non of my business so lets keep it that way!


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