Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gay to Str8 Dictionary

175 - slang term for a gay male, the same number was used to identify homosexuals in the Nazi Germany concentration camps.
4-real - term for someone who wants a real and lasting relationship.
Abareskin - embarrassing.
Abigail - an older gay male who hasn’t yet come out.
Absolute code - idea dating back to the 1950s where friends don’t out each other to others.
Ace gear - homosexual willing to try anything.
Active - person who takes the top position during sexual intercourse.
AIDS Terrorist - someone who has unprotected sex after being diagnosed with AIDS.
Andro Lesbian - lesbian who looks both male and female.
Angel - passive person in a sexual relationship.
Auntie - older gay male, usually feminine.
basket - the bulge of male genitals through clothes  
Baby butch - a masculine lesbian of a young age.
Baby lesbian - a lesbian 25 years old or younger.
Bareback - sex without protection.
Barbie - a drag queen that acts flighty.
Bean Queen - derogatory term for a drag queen of Hispanic origins.
Bottom - submissive in a relationship.
Bull or Bulldagger - lesbian with masculine qualities and features.
Cake Boy - homosexual man.
Chapstick Lesbian - lesbian athlete, refers to the fact that others believe the only form of makeup they wear is Chapstick.
Chicken - a younger gay man who looks for older men.
Closet - hidden secret, usually referring to a person’s homosexuality.
Closet case - a homosexual who frequently worries about what others think if they reveal their lifestyle.
Diesel Lesbian - lesbian who dresses like a male truck driver.
Dom - partner in a sexual relationships who likes controlling their partner.
Fab - shortened term meaning fabulous.
Flaming - gay male who acts flamboyant and feminine.
Flannel shirt lesbian - lesbian women who prefer the outdoors and often wear flannel shirts.
Flipping - turning a dominant into a submissive or vice-versa.
Gaydar - slang term for the ability to identify other homosexuals.
Gold star - homosexual person who never sleeps with a person of the opposite sex or anyone who has.
In the life - a person who announces their homosexuality and lives in a gay community.
Lacy - extremely feminine gay male.
Lipstick lesbian - highly feminine lesbian.
Outed - having someone else announce a person’s homosexuality before the individual can.
PC lesbian - lesbian that acts politically correct in public and private.
Play - sexual activity that takes the form of bondage or S&M.
Sapphic - lesbian.
Saturday Night Lesbian - woman who acts straight during the week.
Scene - any type of unusual sexual activity.
Smurf - young gay men with blonde hair and a negative or rough attitude.
Stone lesbian - lesbian with a strong masculine look, may even look like a man to others.
Submissive - someone who likes their partner to take control.
Switch - person who acts as both a submissive and dominant and switches back and forth.
Top - dominant person in a sexual relationship.
Twinkie - pretty and shallow homosexual, often flighty or lacking in substance.
U-Hauls - lesbians who fall in love and move in together within a few dates.
Vanilla - plain, ordinary or boring sexual activities.
Mind4 -Persistent with the idea of homosexual behavior. Internet slang for anything undesired, outdated, lame, or queer. Can be used as an insult or a proclamation. Typically used to classify someone as a lifeless bag of douche.
Ex. 1:"Dude, that child molestor had a mind4 little boys"
Ex. 2:"You know how I know you're gay? Your screen name is mind4"
homolol - A combination of the term homo (short for homosexual) and the internet slang "lol" (laughing out load).
Afterhours - where you go when the bars are closed, and you still haven't found someone to sleep with (or you're not high enough)
Baggage - the excuse people use to punish their current boyfriends for things that their past boyfriends have done to them
Beefy - a well built guy lacking muscular definition, but nonetheless attractive and appealing. see Jock
BiCurious - gay
Bisexual - gay
Bitter - what all gay men are destined to become. Caused by drama and stress (see below).
Bottom - sexual position preferred by 95% of the gay population
B-yotch - what some fags consider a much cooler way of saying "bitch"
Butch - what gay men who don't think they act gay call themselves. Actual butch men will never need to use this term.
Coke - 1) Soft drink beverage most gay men mix with rum, whiskey, or vodka (only when really drunk). 2) Illegal narcotic imported from Columbia but illegal in the United States; gay man's favorite.
Cuddle - sexual activity in which there is no exchange of bodily fluid
Drama - an imaginary condition made up by sad, lonely individuals with no real problems in their life who feel the need to drag stabile, well-balanced individuals who are trying to make a valuable contribution to society down to their level in hopes of making themselves feel better.
Ex - 1) anyone you've slept with more than once. 2) a club drug popular in the late 90's.
Excedrin - what every gay man should have in his medicine cabinet
Fag - You
Foam - not sure anymore, as we haven't seen it in over a year
Forward - the geographical direction in front of you. ex: "Go forward." not: "Go straight."
Gaylights - an unnatural highlighting of the hair that no straight man would be caught dead with.
Gurl - the first word of every sentence. "Gurl, you 'bout ready to go?",
"Gurl, I haven't had sex in 3 days!"
Gym Bunny - a troll who has realized that his only chance of getting laid is to work out every day.
Hayyy - a greeting. The gayer you are, the more Y's you put at the end.
Hoe - see Whore
Homewrecker - the person who stole your ex (definition 1).
Homo - you
Issues - see Baggage
Jacked -- term used to describe the ugly attributes of another person.
Jock - a well built, athletic looking gay guy with attractive, masculine qualities.
Jockular - see Jock
Mullet - hairstyle utilized by lesbians to make themselves easily identifiable to other lesbians.
Muscle Boy - 1) a well built guy commonly synonymous with clubbing, dancing all night, narcotic consuming, while leading a narcissitic and shallow existence. 2) see Beefy; Jock
Nellie - 1) Harriet Olsen's daughter on Little House on the Prarie 2) nickname for the Loch Ness monster 3) not butch

Omaha Diet - unnatural weight loss caused by non-prescription medications. Also known as Jenny Crank.
One Night Stand - a very short-term relationship, the end of which is signified by someone putting on their pants.
Philson Sex - sexual activity in which everybody wants to get off, but nobody does. Enables you to have a one night stand without actually becoming classified as a whore, yet still significantly more intensive than cuddling.
Power Dyke - 1) a successful and wealthy lesbian 2) a lesbian with a mullet who hates both straight and gay men.
Rough Trade - a one night stand that you will later pretend never happened.
Shot - when you need to get drunker faster
Stress - an non-imaginary condition brought on by the drama of others
Top - see Bottom
Trade - what you bring home from the bar, paid for in services rendered.
Troll - anyone older than you that wants you to gohome with them.
Trick - see Trade
Twink - a young gay boy with no muscular, or sinewy, build whatsoever, rarely eats, and perhaps consumes narcotics to maintain his petite "physique." Resembles an emaciated supermodel.
Twit - anyone younger than you that won't go home with you.
Twelve - how old you are if you're not 21
Unemployed - what most fags have to list as their current occupation on job applications
Universe 1) the area of space contained within a 3 foot diameter of every gay man. 2) a club no longer open in San Francisco where muscle boys reigned and danced with Betty Crank into the wee hours of the morning.
Versatile - glorified Bottom (but will top if absolutely necessary)
Whore - anyone who has more sex than you
Zima - for fags who are afraid that a brown bottle will clash with what they're wearing.

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