Thursday, 10 May 2012

Traitor on a wall...

Why is it that in a world where there is so many good things to see and experience that people choose to focus on the negative and bad parts?
There is bad people yes we know that, but there are so many more that is good, loving and caring, but for some people all they can see is the dark, the anger and the violence, they purposely ignore the sun that comes up every morning, the bird singing a beautiful song in a tree next to their bedroom window or the delicate flower blooming in the cracks of a rock in the garden. All they notice is the corruption, the violence, the dark that is in a few people that no one else even care about, but these people make it their purpose in live to highlights of everything that is bad.

Why do we assume that the grass is greener on the other side, where did we get the illusion that crime and hardship and corruption does not exists outside our own little perfect made up worlds?
Most people go though life by dealing with all the ups and downs that life can throw at us, we accept, we try and make a difference and we work through it, but ultimately we move on with the good and the bad.

However, some people make the daily news where they can see all that is wrong and bad in the world the highlight of their day, even that is not enough for them, they sit on their smart phones, ipads and laptops just looking for something or anything that can go make a post about on twitter and face book or their blackberry messenger. A usual conversation will start with typical, the government or this person or that person did this and that again, they are obsessed with bad news, its all they live for, all they ever see. What about the guy in the wheelchair that did something remarkable, they don't notice that because its not a bad story, children laughing or a family being happy means NOTHING to them, unless someone gets murdered or some official gets arrested for corruption there is nothing they can use to post about or complain about and after all that is what makes them happy in the end.

Yes sure we have crime, we have corruption we have violence, but seriously are you that shallow to think it doesn't happen anywhere else? Do you honestly think that by leaving or complaining on face book that it will go away? flash its everywhere!

The grass is only greener on the other side because it gets more shit to fertilise it, living in a dream world is exactly that, a dream, a fairytale where the good guy always gets the girl and gets to live happily ever after, in reality where i live the good guy is usually the bad guy, the happily ever after was replaced with making it the best you can and doing all you can to make sure the next person does not have to deal with it.

Instead of making a face book or twitter post about all that is sick and wrong in this world accept the fact that we are living a difficult times, find a way to address and deal with a problem and change what you can in anyway you can, but being negative and being a doomsayer is not healthy for you or anyone around you, in fact it might be the reason why you have no friends at the end of the day...


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